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Today, my boyfriend lied about crashing his car just to avoid seeing me. FML
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heres the story behind the post for all you assholes who think im ugly or a bitch. really? anyway. my boyfriend of 5 years had gotten back the day before from 2 weeks in florida buying our new house. i had already left for a camping trip. He was to meet me down the next day. On his way down 'supposibly' his friend calls to tell me there has been a terrible accident and he was rushed to the hospital. My drunk ass freaks out drives an hour back home and rushes to the hospital. oh heyy.. guess what hes not there. I go to his house... and theres his car. The excuse was he didnt want to hurt my feelings by telling me he didnt want to camp in the first place... so he just lied. Its his birthday tommarrow and i will not be buying him a damn thing. there ya go :)

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FYL I say trash that douche's car!

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I'm sorry but just leave him


You should crash it for him to save the jerk the trouble!

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maybe he just doesn't like you

he'd rather admit to wrecking his car than to spend time with you. either ur a bitch, or he's a dick, either way..... time for new people? :p

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so how did you find out when you went to see him in hospital or when you went past his house and saw the car was perfectly fine

Go Jessie! FYI you're the only person I'm gonna be happy for getting first

Are you serious? This is your first first?

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nobody cares if you got first or not. just stop commenting

18, I'm glad we dubbed you as the spokesperson for the whole world. nobody cares the you think you know what everyone does and doesn't care about, please just worry about your opinion and keep them to yourself until you wanna stop hating, thanks :D

Thank you to everyone! (except 18 :P) And yes, as much as I'm on here, I've never gotten 1st. I've gotten 2nd and every other number, but never first. Also lmao at Gutzzz "spokesperson for the world" hehe :)

Haha im pretty sure everyone wants to be first at some point. So nobody can get angry when someone gets first lol. Go Jess!

18- Go **** yourself Youre just pissed that you havnt gotten 30 firsts, o wait that's me You're just pissed that you havnt gotten a first

My gf said the same thing but she texed me that she died in the car crash 

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I'm a rapper and not black like the guy in my pic

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most people that get first are losers who go on fml wayy too much. I have nver gotten first!

Lucky. It show's that he cares if he goes to such great strides. I think that it's not worth the 2000 to fix a badly damaged car over a GF anyway :P

Haha I love you Loren! Even if you did ruin my moment :) And guess what? I'm not threadjacking as usual because it's MY post! Yay :P

haha 30, I can see that, "heyyyy, so yeahhhhh, I just died in a car accident.... cya!!"

You're probably a terrible girlfriend OP

35- you have a disease we call jealousity, it's very contagious, it spreads like wildfire, usually by breathing in and out, most likely while talking It spreads very easily among those who do not have the skill to be majorly epic Try not to spread this ravenous disease

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46- send the photos to yur email and then save the photos. that's one way... might be expensive in yur case but idk. :)

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oops. my post was suppose to be down there. (Justin beibers post) my bad :)

^^^ Your moms a twit Ooooooh (Dr. Evil-ish glance around) Ug, Nevermind

Why thank you Anna :) Wait what? A twit? Me? Never! 

Lol #76, i just pictured Dr Evil saying FIRE THE "LASER"

Soty "That's my mother you're talking about!" Austin Powers FTW!

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Don't lie, Anna. You meant what you said, and you said what you meant :( You can't take back hurtful things you can only give them out..

*Sob* Its okay, really! *Sob* Ill forgive you someday Anna *Sob* 

Rock on Nyle just watched the second movie What's long hard and full of "Sea-men"? My submarine! *crikets* What?

what no way?! I just did too!!! ( great minds think alike I guess) That is a hilarious movie! and No... not even a chuckle?

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that's extremely ****** up and time for you too find someone new

Aw story, I've missed your comments (:

Nyle The... The(e) Most awkward thing I've ever seen is Dr. Evil and his secretary getting ready to have sex I almost puked I'll watch Goldmember tomorrow

Ugh! totally! I sometimes just yell augh! tell me when it's over haha. Goldmember is prob the best in my opinion. Esp the rap in the prison

One last one Uh sir... That's already been done... (Loud defining silence) Shit...

Hahaha Anna. I mean really? What's a few years among friends? Okay I suppose I forgive you. *hug* :)

Well let's just hijack some neuclear weapon and hold the work hostage ok? haha that's all folks!

Group hug! In teh showers tonight! Or.. or not! (Slowly lowers hands) Name that movie for 5 points

Anna just PWNED :] Next one: These are my sort of people, you wouldn't have a chance of communicating with them ...So they're gay

Not many people know this, but you can put your weed in there.

Yeah crash his car. Anyone's up for a picnic?

112- ... is the new chick on the block idk the name of the actor, I blanked

Nah its hot chick, Adam sandler, playing the drums, and starts telling them all the places to put their weed

Hey, whats that song about the grandma getting ran over my a reindeer? Grandma got ran over by a reindeer. Noooooo.....?

Nonono, the lead actor xD No shit that was Adam Sandler

Btw Anna my last one was from I think the second American Pie movie

118 Hot Rod got one! ha love that movie!

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Pulp Fiction = greatest movie.. Ever.Made.

Ra- Austin Powere gets no love from you I suppose Being epically black and all

RaIeigh 0

LOL Loren, I have no clue what the hell you are talking about :o

OMFG My mom is STILL on facebook playing FarmVille and Farm Town I'd like to take my contacts out so my eyes aren't ****** in the morning... She'll tweak if she knew I would *gasp* be up past 1:00 am

Ra I meant Austin Powers :P I was going to edit it but assumed incorrectly that you would know what I meant

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#130 I got 1 I know you might get this alot but is this th real ceasers palace what do you mean? dud ceaser really live here? no I thought so

No exaggeration, I could not love a human baby more then I love this brush.

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yup correct I love the hang over

Where did you get those coconuts? ....... I found them

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Ok, here's one: I have some adavain but it's different. Well, let's stick it up our asses! It's not a suppository! It doesn't matter. You crush it up, put it in a paper towel, run it under some warm water, and you stick it right up your ass.

Hahaha i just finished watching that, Monty Python, Holy Grail. epic movie. *gets arm cut off* Tis but a scratch hahaha

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how did her **** feel they felt like a bag of sand

140- That would be in the movie of "Why JaMarcus "Russel" was cut by the Raiders"

I have herd Story and Rale but can't remember.

NEEE! Aaaaah! Are you suggesting coconuts migrate? Run away! Run away! What's your favorite color? And then comes the oral sex! Maybe it was two sparrows? I don't want to go in the cart O don't be such a baby And then me and Lancelot enter the rabbit and they take it inside the castle.... oh..... I could go on and on Monty Python FTW

Well, I just typed up a long comment that took like 3 minutes to type and it's not showing up ATM :|

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your schools name is South Harmony Institute of Technology ulyou do know that stands for SHIT. another scene shreder you told me you were afraid of trying the new flavor of doctor peper I told you that in confidence

Hey Steve I'm on a pay phone, so if you're there pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, pick up, well OK, call me back.

SOTY, Thats gotta be south park. Lol and my names kyle aswell =P

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it puts the lotion on it's skin or else it gets the hose again

I forgot the real movei but it was used too in Joe Dirty.

Silence of the Lambs. Lol i have alot of dvds in my collection

Why does my iPod put stuff I don't type.

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yea some people think it's from Joe dirt but originally from silent of the lambs

Lol what about the rest of the world? God cant bless the rest of the world huh?

kidsanchez1 4
kidsanchez1 4

what time is it over there

Yah, I guess it's already blessed I'm living there :D But no, too many generalizing pricks in Europe who think every american is a fat pig who gets everything he wants GOD BLESS AMURICUH

kidsanchez1 4

o I'm in NYC it's 5:52 june7 and for some reason I'm not tierds (do you know how long for crack to wear off) jk

Lol i have no clue, crack not my forte

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lol dragon how do you know

Yep, Love that shit! jk. Dont buy drugs...Become famous then you get them for free!

I'm guessing but I'm also googling it too.

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kfrizzle lol true but then you got to watch what you do very closly cause of paporazi

wow I was way off the website say stays in your system for 2-3 day from when last taken. damn plus like 15 different facters make it last long or shorter.

3- I was thinking that same thing. or she is incredibly annoying.

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haha yea then cars get their on iPods and iPhones and submit their own FMCL:)P haha

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maybe you don't make him a sammish ! jk xD

FYL I say trash that douche's car!

And be charged for destruction of property, get a criminal record, and probably loose her boyfriend.

Why is that kind of stuff the first thing that comes to peoples minds...? Aside from being illegal, what exactly does that even do? A minor inconvience or a big one, it's just stupid. You could easily go to jail over stuff like that, is it really worth it?

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I'm sorry but just leave him

I applaud him, you're probably a pain in the ass. :P

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agree, if he's willing to say he crashed his car just to not be with you, i'm thinkin the problems on your end

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when i finally got first fml mods ruined my 1/2 second by removing my comment for saying first :/

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that's happened to me and it SUCKS!!!! I commented on how the OP's life was effed, and then posted it without saying first, then replied to my comment and said first. then it got removed and replaced!!!!!!!!!!

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wtf why is my comment here!?

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i think you replied to my other one (about posting first and it got removed by mods) but they removed it (irony?) so they put you here for some reason

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well, whatever. :) just knowing I got my comment read by someone is enough for me! :D

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you deserve better!!! not a lying bf!:(

Hey if he lies then he cares. hehehe

#11 I didn't know Justin Bieber was on FML...?

In my opinion commenting first on a website is the opposite of an accomplishment.