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Polly want uhh...breast milk?

I would imagine that would be pretty painful.


Polly want uhh...breast milk?

Kurt Cobain would have had a doozy with that one.

Today, I found out my girlfriend breastfeeds her parrot. FML

Do you breasts contain sunflower seeds by any chance.

#58: Why yes; yes they do. *fondles breasts lovingly*

I wonder how bad breast feeding a parrot would hurt...I mean it has talons and a beak digging into your tits it's real no hack no virus it works !! Click the link

Polly wants a knocker

What's with these FMLs about younger kids convincing siblings to do and believe shit???

Close, they're more like bags of sand.

No Polly wanna boobie

I would imagine that would be pretty painful.

Yes, being bit by a parrot does hurt!

Wait, you guys are talking about how painful it would be for OP? Imagine the torment the poor parrot would have underwent, breast milk tastes horrible without sugar! Not that I have, um, tried it or anything..eheh.

@ 39, birds are lactose intolerant anyways since they aren't mammals, so milk is bad for them no matter what. Not to mention there's no suction with a beak!

I have 2 birds, a cockatiel, and a senagul parrot.

72 your point is???

46 - Many mammals are lactose intolerant as well. It develops when they are weaned. In fact, humans have had to evolve the necessary enzymes to break down lactose because dairy wasn't a part of our original diets.

84, No point, I just thought I'd share, even though I know you all don't care lol

#39... Have you honestly tried breast milk recently enough to remember the flavor? Because I have, as I breastfeed my son. It is sickeningly sweet.

@ 96, yes, I know, there are still many cultures in developing countries where the adults are lactose intolerant. It's pretty cool how that happens. I was just pointing out that it would make the bird sick since birds never drink milk at any part of their lives (crop milk doesn't count of course, since it's composed of seeds). :P

The parrot probably didn't help the situation. I imagine he probably taught it to say: "Thirsty for mommy's milk, BAUURGH!" In which case you should teach it to say something back, like "My brother (and boyfriend, apparently) has the brain of a carrot!"

That's an insult to carrots. Those bastards are geniuses. They grow underground to stay out of the weather. Potatoes just wanted to be copy cats and jump on the trendy train.

Well, do you?

Yes, she does. That's why she posted this fml. Because she really does and she doesn't want people to know.

i knowed it! Im so smrt!

Jesus, I give up!

Try again 4th times the charm!

#81 just got buried.

SQUACK! Polly wanna titty

Your little bro sounds awesome.

yet your boyfriend is most certainly a moron...

How do you know it's her little bro? Maybe OP is just a 13 year old dating a 22 year old. ;)

Can't get that mental image out of my head...

your brother is awesome

What bird brained idiot would believe that other than OP's son's friend?

Where did ops sons friend come into the fml? The op doesn't even mention a son

Manipulative little brother or dumb boyfriend?

¿Por Qué no las dos?

dumb boyfriend.

Probably a little from column A and a little from column B.

A little bit of both.