By ANON - 13/08/2013 23:53 - United States - Sacramento

Today, while cleaning my ears with Q-tips, I came in my pants. FML
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talk about ear-otic

Andy Samberg? Is that you?


cynide 13

DA Fuq did I just read?

HowAreYouToday 34

Well... I believe its something called 'words.' They're arranged in 'sentences.'

Yea I don't know how much English they know with the first two words of that sentence.

#1 I think we're all thinking the same thing..this is just creepy

Anybody watch The Intouchables? The ears are the last erogenous zones left for a tetraplegic. Makes sense.

Well cleaning your ears can feel pretty good, but wtf ._.

ViRepz 28

How did this not get moderated away?

Wtf??? Are you serious ._______.

JoeGrant 12

Nope, he's kidding.

Can this even happen?

Apparently it did happen..

ViRepz 28

The OP is probably leaving out where his other hand was...

Andy Samberg? Is that you?

"Cleaning out my ears with a Q-tip, .... I just jizzed in my pants...."

Trix_Disorder 20

Yep, that sure was the reference.

revan546 24

Well... That escalated quickly!

No... It didn't... In fact there was zero escalation in those above comments.

This is the true form of EARGASM

75- Well, that didn't escalate at all!

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Is that supposed to deter OP from doing it? Cause if an orgasm is the punishment for sticking Q-tips in your ear, then I wouldn't mind being bad!

Dusty_Busters 15

I don't think his ears are "down there"

I know that this can feel good, but this good? Really?

nurchok 15

Yes, ears have lots of nerve ends (probably more than a dickhead and a clitoris combined) so some people may get orgasm out of it, provided the rights ones were stimulated at the right time...

Where do you get your information 107? The creepy ice cream van driver?

Capt_Oblivious 10

Sounds like you cleaned more than your ears out.

skyeyez9 24

He emptied his balls as well.

That's the joke.

glamorous18 10

cleaning out my ears, yeah they're gettin' squeaky clean, I'm cleaning out the other & I, JIZZ IN MY PANTS!!!!!!!!

talk about ear-otic

Dusty_Busters 15

Well done!

zen1979 16

You win the Internet today. Lol

I just fell in love with that pun.

I have one question... would you like amm or fmm