By emilygreeny - 18/06/2010 05:42 - United States

Today, I learned that you should never, ever, under any circumstance, take a laxative and a sleeping pill on the same night. FML
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lad088 0

why would you even try that in the first place?

erikjh1234 0

u got the squirts in your sleep!!! lmfao


erikjh1234 0

u got the squirts in your sleep!!! lmfao

so.. you wanted to have a bowel movement but be unconcious for it??

I heard that you should never ever under any circumstances ever say 'never' YTDI OP

honestlove11 0

haa! what were you thinking? I'm sure you coulda waited til morning to take the lax. that sucks though!

Thabb 0

That would be why you actually see what a medicine does before you use it.

lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol ,lol, lol, lol, lol, lol, lol,

azhein 0

aren't you supposed to take the laxatives before you go to bed?

There are so many ignorant people in the world. YDI *sigh*

samanthadude 0

Time to change the sheets op!

Burgessnk 0

Agreed. in fact I'm sure there was a very similar fml not long ago. Do people not read this site before they submit stories?

that should have been a given...I suppose common sense isn't so common.

must have been a pretty shitty day for you then :P

ydi dumb ***. theres this thing called common sence

'YDI, dumb ****. There's this thing called common sense.' Yes, there is. Use it.

raymel 5

well I learned something new today :) lol jk

austin95 0

this has been on here before just in different words

I'm guessing op's parents are cousins

austin95 0

and when you poop in your sleep you poop for real haha family guy

DarkHelmet 10

well that's common ****** since!!!

hobogirl 0

dude this is an old ass joke! from like the seventies, can't believe mods actually let this one in!

It's not the fact that you shit yourself that grosses me out, it's the fact that you slept in it. OP, for your sanity's sake, I hope ******** yourself an earthquake woke you up...

hockeyguy79 0

hahahaha ydi. I acctually did lol on this one

Xanax_Pazzo 0

laxatives are supposed to be taken at night. they work overnight, while you sleep, so you have a bowel movement the next day. plus I've read this quote elsewhere before.

nightswimming 0

since when? EDIT * supposed to be a reply to #79*

u should have taken an ALLI and diuretic pill too ? so they could call your hole the Milky Way.

lad088 0

why would you even try that in the first place?

sourgirl101 28

Ha ha- they couldn't sleep because they were constipated.

brit8741 0

not saying this is fake, but there are icons with this all over the Internet and signs at lots of bars everywhere. YDI either way.

spzb 3

in that case ydi op for not getting enough fiber in your diet.

Some laxatives say they take up to 12 hours to work, so I can understand thinking it wouldn't kick in right away. Still, taking a sleeping pill with it is just asking for trouble, especially if you haven't ever used that type of laxative. Try a stool softener next time, OP >.<

eww! YDI! have fun cleaning your sheets.

did you go to bed on the toilet, or go to the toilet in bed? One sounds much worse than the other to me.

iamchuck 0

When you're snoring in bed and you fell a wetness spread, diarhea cha cha cha

can anyone tell me what's anti-flood protection?

It's generally used to hinder spammers from flooding forums with tons of pointless or offensive posts. I didn't know FML had a spamming problem though.

18: Then apparently, anti-flood is working. >.<

Why would you even do that? Most laxatives work wihtin a few hours, don't you read the instructions? And also: if a laxative causes diarrhea, you took too much.

trex23t 0

what made you think that was a good idea?