By thats_not_good - United States
Today, I was getting my first tattoo done. My parents told me it was a bad idea. My friends' parents told me it was a bad idea. I told them that people get tattoos done all the time and nothing goes wrong. 50 min into the tattoo on my back, the artist says "Oh shit, shit, shit. We can fix this." FML
thats_not_good tells us more :
The tattoo is on my shoulder blade, and it's a Celtic knot that I drew up myself. The artist was filling in the shading in the knot after finishing the outline when he started filling in an area on the wrong side of the line. He ended up fixing it so the design came out symmetrical, and it looks really good. No regrets and no worries.
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  Theo_fml  |  0

I AM asking. Why was it a bad idea? People have been getting tattoos for millenias, it's far from being a new trend. It's simply having a permanent drawing/symbol/wtv imprinted on one of your body parts to express a part of yourself. I truly fail to see why that would be wrong. And it can be removed, anyhow. So what's so bad about it?

  medfly  |  2

it can't be removed quite as easily as you think it can...
it's not like, "oh, I had a tattoo, well, I'm tired of it now, let's get it washed off"...

  chatoyant_fml  |  12

#230 exactly! If people stop being so damn greedy and stopped trying to get tattoos for as cheap as possible, only good artists would exist and no one would be unhappy about their results. It's your own fault.

  wh4t3v3R  |  0

^^ This. Parents could improve their children's lives so much by instead of saying "No don't, its a bad idea" about everything they instead said: "I object to this decision but if your going to do it anyway heres how to do it right."

  doublek22  |  0

In Soviet Russia, Soviet Russia jokes are old and show the lack of creativity from people and how lame they are for continuing to use it. Just saying...Now [Insert Trollings Here]

By  jennam_fml  |  4

Did you even look for information on the shop you were going to? You should find reviews, call and ask to see their certificates, hear their policies, and compare. It's far better to pay a little more, and wait a little bit longer on the list if it means you're going to get into a good shop. I always wait for an opening at a better shop, and I've never had a screw-up.

  lametroll  |  0

That's not Irony. You just have to understand that most ads on websites will be displayed for you depending on what the adbox thing finds in your Cookies or the webpage you're visiting. That's how internet ads work. Otherwise it would be like showing tv ads at random, and failing, by showing life-insurance ads during little kids shows.

  wrenched  |  0

It is irony, actually. You would not expect the advertisement on the FML story about a terrible tattoo screw-up to be encouraging you to get a tattoo. That is textbook irony.