By RitaDahhlinnnng - 25/08/2009 23:56 - United States

Today, I had my first real date with my first serious boyfriend. I was nervous because from past experience. I learned my lips were a bit ticklish and I usually giggled a bit during kissing. Well, we started making out and I thought was I doing pretty good hiding my laughs. Until I wet myself. FML
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It's not a serious boyfriend if this is your first date. -.-

I found this fml kinda weird Ticklish lips?lol


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It's not a serious boyfriend if this is your first date. -.-

They might have hung out together a lot, but just never have actually gone out. Or been friends first so it's pretty serious to the OP? Cut them some slack, they just pissed themselves while making out =P

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I agree how is he ur serious boyfriend on the first date...unless he's the first one u have been serious about :O and if he really likes u, hopefully he will look over this incident

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Well, she says first *real* date.. maybe they'd gone on a number of more casual dates and this one was more of a fancy/romantic/serious thing. And if it's her first serious boyfriend, it probably doesn't take much to make it so, in comparison.

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First date with a *serious* boyfriend, as opposed to the more causal boyfriends, I think.

thank you number 1. Also, you seemed like you defiantly expected making out on the first date. Doesn't sound serious. Bur sorry, that really sucks.

She didn't say it was her first date, she said it was her first real date!

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Easy bro. I have a serious girlfriend (15 months) but we're not actually allowed to go on "real dates." cut some slack:)

Or maybe OP is only like 15 and isn't all that 'experienced'

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How is that gross? it's not her fault if she is ticklish there, and it is not like she was purposely trying to pee on herself. It was accidental and I am sure you've pissed yourself before.

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VICTORY!!!!!!!! i moderated this one =] its so fail its almost a win. even tho girls who giggle when they laugh is somewhat attractive.

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Girls who giggle when they laugh? LOL now that's a concept! And OP maybe you should have told him your lips are ticklish he probably would have thought it was cute and then you wouldn't have to hide it.

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my bad hahaha i meant giggle when they kiss FML

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hopefully he didnt think you were pregnant and your water just broke.

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ahahahahahahahaha where did you get that idea from ? OP you got some issuess!

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well...unless she was morbidly obese...he probably wouldn't think that

How can he be your boyfriend when it is your first date? wet yourself? what the hell is wrong with you!!??

I found this fml kinda weird Ticklish lips?lol

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The first time my now ex boyfriend hung out, he made me laugh so much I wet myself too... and we dated a long time. so you're safe I'd say