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This will forever prove that children aren't supposed to be on the Internet. And my little sister KNOWS that she isn't allowed on mine or my brothers. Draw the line, seperate your grounds.

  ryguy997  |  0

where is freeze when you need him? he shall shoot all thread-jackers! (except me cuz I am putting a call that needs to be seen that wouldn't be seen down their.

  Jessi2487  |  0

op maybe u should trip her down the stairs and drop her out of a 1 story window. then slam her head between the broken laptop and take her sandwich... at least thts wat ill do in that situation

  imballinlol  |  0

YDI for letting a child use your laptop. Why not get her one of those fake Little Tikes laptops? Or maybe you need the fake one and give your sister the real one. :)