By unknown - 07/04/2013 17:01 - Canada - Quebec

Today, my sister was faced with the choice of getting a burger, or picking me up in a snowstorm. The burger won, and I had to travel 4km home by foot. FML
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sounds like something my sister would do


sounds like something my sister would do

ElementaryEdGuy 18

My mom is driving my car, and my sister is driving my mom's because her car is in the shop. The other day I got left at school for three hours because neither of them realized I wasn't at home and didn't answer the phone.

Me too. Actually did happen also. She visited town and we were going to watch a movie together, promising dinner after. However after the movie she dropped me off to my home and claimed she couldn't get us dinner. Ironically she went to go eat after. It was at the one dollar movie too. So I said I'll pay for drinks since she'd pay for the dinner. I paid seven dollars to be dropped off, locked out of my house, and starving. She payed two. And she said it was my fault, and my father backed her up.

tjv3 10

It's good for you OP it builds character.

******* *******. I've walked 10km in a snowstorm.

kevinnicki4life 9

Vegetarians. (If you don't count veggie burgers.)

15- Actually, vegetarians do like them. However it's the "guilt" that strikes at them. When I meet a vegetarian, I question them why is it that the meat tastes so good, but we shouldn't eat it. They never have an answer.

Believe me, you can count veggie burgers in as well. Those things are gross.

monnanon 13

antifreeze tastes good to cats but they sure as hell shouldnt eat it. and just an fyi i know quite a few veggies who cant stand the smell of meat. onr became a veggie over time because she could no longer stomach it. not all meat is tasty some is downright rank.

shyeahh_fml 19

It must have been a pretty good burger for her to choose it over doing you a small favor.

Success4444 12

Did you have to walk barefoot, uphill, and both ways in the storm? If not, my grandparents wouldn't sympathize with you.

McNikk 15

Maybe the burger place told her that she could have the burger for free if she didn't pick up op. Maybe someone from the burger place wanted op to suffer.

You mean you can have your burger and eat it too?

Exactly, if she planned her route correctly she could have even gotten 2 burgers

Exactly what I was thinking. She could have picked OP up and then continued to get the burger. It's only 4km.

Possibly the locations were in opposite areas, and she didn't want to go to both areas? Even with that being the issue, she's still a selfish bitch.

She could have picked OP up first, then gone and got a burger. Then she would have had a burger and company. :D

McNikk 15

Priorities, she doesn't have them... unless of course it was a REALLY good burger.

Interwebzombie 15

It probably had Ed sauce. Ed sauce makes burgers delicious.

Well your life sucks.. Time to uninstall sister 1.5 With shotgun 7.0 And tell dad 2.0 to insert "hard drive" into mom 2.0's "motherboard" To try to get a copy of sister 2.0

This made my day. And I was already having a great day. Well done!

Yourheadache 19

your phone is smarter than you.^

Roskosity 22

Meaty goodness or blizzard. Easy choice.

Fattening unhealthy goodness or family. Easy choice.

titibug823 11

you're right. it is easy. Sibling trumps burger

\ 28

Well she could have been at Dairy Queen. That choice would've been insanely difficult depending on her budget.

umm I'd knock my brothers teeth out for a chance to eat an epic meal time burger but that's just me. and the burger didn't necessarily have to be un-healthy

JR_Goes_Rawr 11

Can't always Have it your way OP.

The burger better of had bacon. Otherwise that was definitely the wrong choice of her.