By Anonymous - 12/11/2013 23:56 - United States - Westminster

Today, working as a cashier, I had a customer come through and ask to purchase a bag of ice. I asked, "Eight pound or twenty pound?", referring to the clearly marked weight of the bags. He replied, "What's the difference?" FML
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Maybe the customer meant the difference in price?

Hopefully you responded with the answer 12 pounds.


Maybe the customer meant the difference in price?

Yeah, maybe in the UK. Too bad this is in the United States and referring to the "clearly marked weights" on the bags.

but it took place in the US.

Maybe I'm just delirious, but I think the comment was changed. It's too late to add an edit to my first one, but perhaps this will explain it.

Regardless of what they meant I don't see how this is FML worthy. So you had a customer ask a stupid question. It probably took two seconds to clear up, oh poor you. YDI for being whiny.

I'm hoping this is what he was referring to as well.

I would also assume he was asking about the price difference.

not all of the people in the U.S. are idiots.

as a cashier, I get asked that question a dumb and smart people. usually they both mean between the two prices. nothing here states that the price of ice was known to the customer in any way.

Being a cashier also, I'm more used to stupid questions so it's easy for me to not notice a smart one for a change

#3 you're the idiot. He could have been asking "how many DOLLARS more is the 20 pound bag than the 8 pound bag?"...

... People these days ... *facepalm*

implying that before 'these days' stupid people did not exist?

#2 you're 13 and judging the world? You've got ways to go

For someone who was born within this century, you know a lot about "these days"

She's the reincarnation of TuPac. Her born-again name is ThreePac-Forsure

I thoughts its gonna be a weight joke...

Weight, what?

No. It's more like fuck his life(the customer). Then again, he might just be asking about the price difference without stating it clearly.

Hopefully you responded with the answer 12 pounds.

How did she make it through life not knowing something like that

I think he was talking about the price difference:) if not then yeah. That sucks

OP: "Well sir, I think one contains more ice" Customer: "are you sure?"

I've had customers tell me my u scan was broken because it wouldn't move past the "quantity" page for produce. They didn't know what to enter.

You should have made something up about how the 8 pound bag is made from ancient iceberg run off. The 20 pound bag from distilled red sea water.