By -____- - 05/10/2013 21:28 - United States - Seattle

Today, my husband yelled from upstairs, "Babe! BABE, COME QUICK!" Terrified that something might have happened to our newborn daughter, I rushed up, only to find out he just wanted to show me that he'd learned how to spin a top on the tip of his penis without it falling. FML
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That is a pretty impressive skill. You gotta give it to him

it's reasons like this we were placed on this planet


That is a pretty impressive skill. You gotta give it to him

Yeah that is pretty impressive

I have to agree, that's a pretty amazing skill

Except when the baby wakes up from the yelling

absolutely not. this is divorce worthy. that's is SO unsanitary of her husband. Op you should reconsider your marriage

Hey, Miley, don't you have a foam finger to violate? Go take your idiotic ramblings somewhere else.

38- Right, and that also gives us the freedom to criticize her. It was a stupid comment.

#33, I'm sure his penis has been in other places. IN.

How'd he do that?

Wouldn't that kinda hurt?

Has no use, but yeah, pretty good skill. How'd he do it?

What I want to know is 'soft or hard?'

I don't know why, but I am wondering more details, soft or hard? head or on the hole?

He's gonna be the first man to spin on his 'head'.

Wait, what kinda top? Wouldn'it hurt if if goes into the hole?

Today, i posted an fml post about my husband getting excited over spinning a top on his penis. All the comments approved, fml.

He's a dickhead b-boy. Shit, he might be able to do cock push-ups, too.

It's the balls that hurt

Well OP, that is pretty impressive.

I'm surprised OP didn't blow her top off! Anyone? Ok...

is it just me or does his profile pic match his comment perfectly?

Lmfao. it does. I was thinking that.

what a keeper.good job op

I really want to see how he's doing this

Pic or it didn't happened.

it's reasons like this we were placed on this planet

This is why aliens won't talk to us...

Hey! Don't knock it. I'd love for my boyfriend to tell me that!

It IS pretty impressive

I'm sorry but that's pretty impressive haha.

It sounds kind of painful to me.

He is the definition of a keeper

It sounds like your husband definitely likes to have fun in the bedroom.

YouTube that shit. Or YouPorn. I bet someone, somewhere is into that.

YouPorn ? Haha Talking from experience or?...

The fact that you know what youporn is is kind of hot :P

Hm... The "only" kitty Kat, hm?

Well I thought I was funny. I even imagined the epic, "There can only be one!"

Ahhh. Men. They never fully grow up. Sometimes it's funny, sometimes, not so much.

Ahhh. Women. They never shut up. Sometimes they moan. Sometimes they nag.

Generalization. . . *sigh*

It's funny. Not immature. Dang.

Woohoo time to break out the basketball!

*Whistles "Sweet Georgia Brown"*

Harlem Globetrotter's theme! Haha (:

Not everybody knows that's the name of the tune, I guess.