By troyrm85 - 16/02/2010 09:37 - France

Today, I got a call from the police saying they found my stolen car. Not only did I not know my car was stolen, but it was completely stripped. No tires or doors left, and the engine was taken apart. FML
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troyrm85 tells us more.

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the persons property that is was left on reported it. They found my insurance paperwork in the vehicle and got ahold of me.

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Just look at it like a fresh canvas for you to start over again.

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Ouch. I'd cry lol


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Ouch. I'd cry lol

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I bet the cops did it they think they can do whatever they want and they can haha better hope you have insurance, fyl.

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Why you sterotype our police officers of wrong doing when they put their lives on the line in alot of situations to enforce the law.

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ydi for not following me lile i told you kidddding... but seriously go fo follow maybe you should reconsider living in the a shitty neighborhood. idk sorry about your car

fake? y wud the cops look for it if u didn't report it stolen

maybe they found it and ran the plate through their system

ydi for not having super powers.

if someone found a car on the side of the road with no doors they probably would report it, or if the cops just happened upon it. then again if the thieves stripped everything they probably would have taken the plates off, or the cops may have been able to figure out who's it was with the serial number.

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I agree with 30. they wouldn't just go making work for themselves. and plus if u see a stripped car the cops r probably going to think it was like that for awhile. not to meantion if the people that stole the car had enough time to strip it...they had more than enough time to remove the plates and scratch off the serial number....

who would do that? like seriously what person says, "oh, im going to steal this car and rip off all the tires and doors. and while im at it i may as well destroy the engine!" haha some people out there are crazy. fyl.

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the persons property that is was left on reported it. They found my insurance paperwork in the vehicle and got ahold of me.

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**** the police all of those faggets think they can do whatever they want just cause they got a god damned badge

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ydi for having a car

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Happens to the best of us, DAMN CAR RAPERS!

@54 They sell the parts for money. Since the individual parts don't have serials it's nearly impossible to recover them vs a full blown car.

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And I guess I'm supposed to give a shit!

how do you not know that your car is and i thought that i was an idiot..

officer: seize the opportunity!

oh well, it's better than no car at all...lmfao!

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Fuck.. I hate how everyone has to reply to the first comment just to get their comment seen. Anyway, I agree with 30. I call BS

I'm sorry! that sucks!

where do you live, Mexico????

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The claim will fall through, seeing as the police forgot to mention that all this happened after they recovered the car and attempted to retrieve a shiny penny from under the chair. But it's ok, they got it in the end. They just had to throw out some of the "obstacles" to get there. Lucky penny is lucky :)

Just look at it like a fresh canvas for you to start over again.

Pretty expensive canvas

aw what type of car

it's a golf cart now.

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it was a 96 chevy tahoe

I say it's a convertible

umm how could you not know your car got stolen?

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Maybe it was stolen overnight and he got a call early in the morning? I don't know, it does seem a bit weird.

I don't know, I haven't driven my car in 2 weeks and it's not parked in view of where I live, so I probably wouldn't know if it got stolen.

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Um...he hadn't been out to his car since it had been stolen. Not exactally rocket science.

Spelling "exactly", however, is rocket science.

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it's not my daily driver I spent the weekend with friends and I toke my motorcycle

Who the hell would do that to your car?

but the doors too?

Door are worth a fortune and easy to remove.

It's true I was in a wreck once where a door had to be replaced. It was like $3000 or something.

My daily driver is like that. On the surface it doesn't even look safe to drive. Under the hood it is all good though.