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Today, I called my wife from work to check in on her because she's eight months pregnant. She didn't answer. Instead she showed up at my work hysterically crying and screaming, "You don't love me because I'm a fat whale!" She then knocked everything off my desk. FML
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Just wait until she starts giving birth. She'll be screaming "I hate you! Why did you do this to Me you bastard!" haha. Don't worry. They're just empty threats (:


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I think she needs to work on her self confidence...

And her maturity. Hormones are no excuse for that behavior. What is she, a child?

Oh that's normal! Just wait for the delivery room.. That's when the fun begins. I remember while I was giving birth I told my boyfriend that I wanted to cause him physical pain, then slapped him a couple of times while utter some profanities. Women's inner demons come out when pregnant.

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The only time I acted crazy like that is on the ride in the ambulance to the hospital. Which was 3 hours away, mind you. Lol I was screaming words I didn't even know existed. I never hit anyone, but I was a crazy fool! Once I got into the delivery room, I was normal. I was just ready for it to be over. My doctor told me that I was the nicest laboring woman they'd ever met! I actually apologized for getting blood on her scrubs and tried to clean it off while I was holding my son. I cried and begged for forgiveness! Lol! Aaah! Good times! Good times! :)

27- When was the last time you were pregnant? Then unless you managed to squeeze a baby out of a mangina then stop talking smack.

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Once you see her actually giving birth, you'll thank god you're a man and only have to deal with HER hormones.

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37 - There's no use, Calyx is just another moronic douche-bag to understand the difference between a pregnant woman at work and a pregnant woman at home. He's got a stick so far up his ass, he now thinks his word is absolute. Just another pretentious asshole thinking he knows "****-all" about anything.

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93 - If you read the comments of Calyx's, you'd understand why I'm slightly peeved.

95-I think 93 does understand why you said that.

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97- Calyx made even more asinine comments than the one above. If people actually read through the thread a bit, they'd understand more so where I'm coming from. Then again, people keep thumbing me down for getting mad at a douche-bag so guess they support his opinion on pregnant women being immature because they can't control their hormones. I digress.

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TheIsland- Where have you been, good friend?! I've missed you and your comments! Don't disappear like that!!!! :)

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A depressed whale much?? (and yes i was referring to the video as well)

That's gonna be a long one month left...

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Just wait until she starts giving birth. She'll be screaming "I hate you! Why did you do this to Me you bastard!" haha. Don't worry. They're just empty threats (:

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I got to drive my little sister to the delivery room when she had her first because her husband was out of town. I wasn't aware she even knew some of those words... and the things she offered the anesthesiologist for an epidural... yeah, she's just pregnant and sick of it.

2 is right. Don't take it seriously, she has so many hormones out of whack right now, she's feeling very intense emotions. It'll get better and she will be normal again. Pregnant women just need love and support. I learned this during my first pregnancy, it's hard at times to control the emotions.

"Why did you do this to me bastard?". "Hey, I wanted to stick it up your ass but you said noooo that would hurt too much"

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Him:" B-because I love you." Her: "Ahhh I'll f****** rip your d*** off for this!"

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When my older cousin was giving birth her husband was trying to urge her on by gently telling her that she's doing great and to keep pushing. She replied by screaming "Don't tell me what to do! I'm not a Fu***** dog!"

Omg I laughed so hard when I read that!!!

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who doesnt want their d*** ripped off by a hormonal pregnant lady

actually 2 months if she goes full term! ur pregnant for 10 months in doctors terms even tho for the first its actually ur girly girls (yep they include ur last)

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Only one more month! And don't worry that's a little normal :/

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When you get pregnant I would love to hear how you react to all the hormones going through your body.

Does 5's comments ever get up voted? It seems like everything that comes out of her is immature or stupid, often both.

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I h8 when people use numbers as letters (;

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Someone could make a nice photoshop of #5 with a "bird".

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Womens minds go a bunch of ways when they are. she's not insecure. If you've ever seen a pregnant woman you would know

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Asshole much? I would love to see how men handle pregnancy.

Bullshit. I have worked with many pregnant women in a professional capacity right up until they were ready to drop. They were all mature and professional. ALL OF THEM. Of the dozens (yes dozens) of pregnant coworkers I've enjoyed working with over the years none were bitchy or unreasonable. None. If pregnant women can control themselves and be respectful in a professional environment then they can do so in a home environment. There is no excuse but immaturity. Hormones don't absolve responsibility for behavior. OP, YDI for allowing her to bully you and for impregnating someone so insecure and immature.

32, I'm sorry, but you're a mumbling moron. Being in a PROFESSIONAL enviroment and being in at HOME are two different locations. She could get fired for acting like that. But it's her husband, and she finds closure with him. She doesn't choose to let her hormones run her over. If she doesn't let loose with her husband, who can she do it to? I bet your coworkers did the same as her at home. Regardless, she shouldn't have gone to his work to make a scene. All people will do is look at her tummy and understand. /end rant

Uhm 32 I'm sure theres tons of people that bitch about their coworkers while they're at home. Now imagine a pregnant lady coming home. Yea... Not gona be the most positive person.

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Calyx, as a couple have stated already, I'd like to point out that you are a "professional douche-bag". No ******* shit pregnant women won't freak out on the job, but lets think for a minute (something you obviously don't exercise). She's preggo, she's been working all day, dealing with work and ass hats like you, and now she's home. All that tension is going to be unleashed upon her husband when she gets back home. It's not immature it's natural, dip-shit. Get off your high-horse of bullshit and think before you speak. People like you sicken me with how hatefully moronic you can be.

Here, let me try and even out this argument in the most unbiased way I can. Pregnant women ARE capable of controlling when they lash out, but they CHOOSE to do it to someone who most likely won't strike back, or someone they know, knows what they are going through. In which case is usually the husband. An understanding husband will most likely come to the conclusion that she's just blowing off steam and doesn't really mean what she says. That said, it's probably not easy to control raging hormones, but it is doable. It just requires a lot of self control. Now I don't particularly agree with the lashing out at husbands, but as I said, an understanding husband will know that she's just blowing off steam, which is probably needed after bottling up so much thought the day. I am in no way trying to make pregnancy sound easy. I'm a guy, so I don't know. Just saying it IS possible to control the emotions, no matter how hard it may seem.

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Don't hate on calex, those points are valid. Pregnancy is no excuse for going to your husbands workplace, and acting like a complete asshole. She obviously has some issues that need to be addressed, that pregnancy may have amplified.

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Oh come on. When men get home they bitch about work and their day just like women. For women, if you add 20,000 crazy pregnancy hormones on top of the usual "my day sucked, I hate my boss" bitching of course she's going to seem like she's crazy. If my husband and I were switched and he was working where he does now and got pregnant it would be the same damn thing. He bitches about his boss and his job when he comes home from work now and if he had pregnancy hormones it would be like a tornado. Welcome to life and marriage.

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I would prefer doggy style...I have a little phobia that a chestburster would burst out of her and atk me if she's on her back !O_O!

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Hehe. People can never stop being serious about things can they? Sadness

No, it's just your comment made absolutely no sense.

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Dimple headed babies are cool. They're more aerodynamic .

It's okay, if it's doggie style there's no way you could hit the baby. =)

I swear you have the bitchiest replys ive ever read... Do you ever have anything positive too say??? If not STFU

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I'm positive that the plural of "reply" is "replies," "I've" should have an apostrophe and a capital I, and "to" is the version of to/too/two that indicates an infinitive. There are three positive things -- that makes me a friggin' Pollyanna, doesn't it?

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7, That's got to be one of the most messed up things I've ever heard XD I commend you

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dear male population. I'm sorry that people of my gender are more hormonal than you. but seriously, fyl. I hope that that was simply the hormones talking and that deep down she knows you care.



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13 - Ya, mess with your pregnant wife, doesn't sound like being an asshole at all. /sarcasm

91- yeah, because joking around with your wife is a crime!