By Hannah - 21/12/2010 17:01 - United States

Today, my husband said that when we have sex he almost gets as excited as he does when he gets a chopper gunner on Black Ops. FML
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hahaha I told my girl the same thing

This is your girl


hahaha I told my girl the same thing

This is your girl

iivann 0

jajaa!! chopper gunner is beast!!!! (our spy plane is in the air) jajaja black ops beast game!!!

Pfft chopper is nothing compared to...... ATTACK PUPPIES

seanboobs 0

Break his disk in half. Video tape the reaction please!

Frazier6567 0

Any true player would have a backup :D

it is orgasmic

I lol'd at this hardcore!

I like this so much lol

Bull shit OP

Well, they're a bitch to get on Black Ops.

vballerlover07 0

Hahahahahahaha! Those ARE pretty bad ass.... But attack dogs for the win.

carpediemryders 0

Agreed Attack Dogs for the WIN, however this was funny as hell. People who don't play COD just don't understand. Oh well such as life, ... just respawn lol

Oh man, you just don't know how awesome a chopper gunner is XD I love spraying little people on the floor with that (first chapter).

DestinyYum 3

Lol I'm with you on that!

Do you understand at all how big of a compliment that is? Chopper Gunners rip ppl to shreds n stuff

ThoraxeTheImpale_fml 0

I don't use chopper gunner.I use the Chuck Norris killstreak..It requires 100 headshots in a row without deaths.

Shut the fuck up man, that call was terrible^^

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oh ya they're puppies alright

Moron. what if hes a pc gamer, we have steam. so our game can be downloaded from the place we have friendlist, etc.

that's a compliment ;)

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selene1_fml 0

haha yea she should say tht!!

But it isn't an insult, getting a chopper gunner is so hard.

Find a chopper gunner and shoot him with it, we shall see how excited he will be after that...

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Mods? Come on now.

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Erase this comment.

Looks like you've got some work to do lil' missy!

Ask him how excited he would be with that chopper gun firmly implanted in his rectum.

Lol so many good puns but I like this one best. :P I'm sure her boyfriend would actually enjoy it.

White_Fury 0

This isn't a pun.

Lol I meant all the other ones. (:

rasellersjr 0

Rectum? Damn near killed em!

FirebirdF350 7

Doc Bastard, you demented ******, getting yourself more trauma victims by giving advice is terrible, what if this guy pops up with a machine gun up his arse?

Ninjafriends 1

Tell him you'd get more excited if you got to work with a bigger gun, too.

ballistic 2

haha a penis joke coming from an asian. oh the irony lol

#9 Epic win!!

Hey, a chopper gunner IS after all pretty exciting.

#10 is right, I get excited for a chopper too.....I mean who wouldnt

>:) Hope you never get your Chopper around me! Ghost Pro ,Sleight of Hand Pro, and a Strela 3. Your Chopper would be lucky to last 10 seconds in my airspace! >:D

amen brother

Anybody that doesn't like shit games.

cant argue i get pretty excited for the chopper gunner too

what about the gunship?

RpiesSPIES 27

Gunships or nothing. Chopper Gunners give no sense of control. The power is MINE.

Damn Almost Dnt Count Mama

well shit do my eyes decieve me?? another kingdom hearts fan???!!!??? you are officially freaking awesome!

maz255 10

I like kindom hearts.... it's the vudeo game with bugs bunny in it right??