By nomorecleanballs4u - United States - Tacoma
Today, my husband received a package in the mail containing a bottle of billiard ball cleaner for our pool table. Yes, billiard ball cleaner. I can't get that slovenly wretch to clean a toilet to save his life, but now he's determined to have the shiniest balls on the block. FML
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  LyricaSilvan  |  29

Of course there'd be the one dipstick who makes this kind of comment... Listen here, Captain 50s. Nobody should have to shine anybody's anything in exchange for basic human decency. When you share a house with someone, it's common courtesy to do your fair share of the housework. You don't get to ask for something in return, let alone sexual favors. So please take your outdated bs point of view and shove it.

  WeirdUS  |  29

Don't mind him likelihood is he complains about being friend zoned and how he's such a nice guy. If he has someone chances are they have no clue about the garbage they post.

By  CBL88  |  25

Tell him that those will be the only polished balls in the house, unless he gets off his lasy ass and helps you clean your home.

By  stormy0307  |  16

Everyone is suggesting taking things from him or deny him sex. That's petty and will only perpetuate the cycle. I would suggest actually talking to him about it and don't just verbally attack him. Lead an open level discussion and I can almost guarantee he will respond positively to it.