By hawksbc - 28/11/2012 15:14 - United States - Mount Vernon

Today, I was working the dart game at my local amusement park when a couple paid to play. They were highly intoxicated, and they thought the object of the game was to hit me with the darts. FML
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hawksbc tells us more.

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Thankfully their aim was horrible. The darts were metal. Trust me. If I had the choice on whether or not they were allowed to play, I wouldn't have let them played. However, they had money, so the rule is they get to play.

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Getting drunk at an amusement park seems like a very bad idea


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I hope you threw darts back at them.

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26- Actually, you beat them by 12 minutes.

I guess they didn't notice the identical comment posted 12 mins before.

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28- I noticed. I just didn't wanna be an asshole about the fact that they blatantly plagiarized my comment.

My phone didn't load all the comments :( I will buy you a coke ... Is diet ok?

Maybe they just don't give a **** about what u think so why not steal your comment

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At least now we know that you will never buy a Dodge Dart.

One-Hundred aaaand EIGHTYYYYY! That's bad news for you!

Maybe some people missed the Point of my joke. Maybe not. Either way my joke got the Shaft...

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I was hoping somebody else would ask what your joke meant so I wouldn't look stupid and have to, but apparently all they want to do is thumb you down. So would you please be kind enough to explain your joke to me??

A hundred and eighty is the maximum score you can achieve in one turn in darts i.e three times triple 20, the usage became popular after commentaters enthusiastically yelled it when it was acheived.

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Oh yea, duh. I could have completely put 2+2 together and figured that out, especially since I used to shoot darts as a hobby. Guess I just went brain dead for a minute there. Thanks, anyways!!

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I didn't know the last bit of info though, about it being called out when achieving that score, so I did learn something new today!!

You're welcome. Maybe it's a british thing; I used to hear it all the time when I watched darts in the UK when I was really young, haven't heard it since.

pleonasm's brittish that's what I learned today

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#53 (Mr or Ms Pleo) Since you chose a 'random' date for your profile, how exactly old ARE you?!

Getting drunk at an amusement park seems like a very bad idea

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I wouldn't want to get smashed, but drinking enough to lower my inhibitions at an amusement park sounds fun. I'm scared to death of roller coasters, so I think a few drinks could help coax me onto one.

Fishing for ducks would be a lot more fun that way, kyleekay!

51 just dont go on any spinny rides i know from experience it doesnt work out so well lol!

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60- Haha, I thought about that. Luckily I have a strong stomach; I think I would be okay. :)

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Its illegal to be intoxicated in public, i believe.

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@66 yeah... and I only do things that are legal...

#66 stop being a sissified tweety bird. A few drinks never hurt anybody.

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not to mention expensive. I was at 6 flags this summer. $10 pints.

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It's illegal to be drunk and be a disturbance not illegal to just be intoxicated.

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Ik that much. I was jus sayin it for the point. If yu cant handle yur alcohol or dont know yur limit yu shouldnt drink and go out in public. Yu might make an ass out of yurself, or something worse. But, a few drinks can get someone drunk, people have different tolerance levels. My cousin was killed by a drunk driver, so YES a few drinks could essentially be dangerous, to yurself AND others. Once again, jus saying.

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Btw, thanks 81 for clarifying.

Louisiana..Mardi Gras..public drunkenness legal.

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Hopefully they didn't hit you. They were intoxicated anyway

You'd be surprised at the things people are great at while drunk. Haha! It's a shame really...

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My friend's uncle once scored a 300 in bowling while wasted...

38- Don't spare us the details! You gotta tell me how he was hammered during bowling and not once did he end up in the gutter.

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I agree, please tell us the story

No lol Not at all because of the way strikes are score it's 300

Let's just hope OP did not get hurt. A thrown dart with speed and force meeting contact with unprotected and weak areas of the body can be life threatening and dangerous.

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Just follow the same rules as dodgeball: dodge

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dodge,dip,dive,duck,and dodge **

If you can dodge a dart, you can dodge a ball.

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That movie is hilarious!! Time to put your mouth where our balls are.

You wouldn't believe how many people have gone half-blind from that game.

I thought that was from masturbation... Well now I have an excuse, right?

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Were they at least rubber-tipped darts??

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Can't very well pop elastic balloons with rubber tips. Plus most dart games use metal tips.

Isn't the point of carnival games to rip you off

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Well maybe they weren't shooting at balloons. I've been to some carnivals and fairs where you just shoot for a certain score. I guess it just depends on where you go.

If you can dodge a dart, you can dodge a ball. Don't know what balls have to do with this but I wanted to say it.