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Tell him that he's about to have another broken arm.

That really sucks. And she must be a moron to speak while he's on the phone with his wife.


Tell him that he's about to have another broken arm.

Why stop with the arm?

True. Chris brown that motherfucker.

he said his FRIEND had a broken arm, not himself...

The commentor was most likely referring ti the fact that apart from his friend, HE would also have a broken arm. Atleast that's what I gathered.

Good thinking commenter 2, both him and his trollop shall be rewarded with broken arms! Lol

I find that broken legs ankles or toes are much harder to deal with than broken arms. I suggest you break one of those instead

You know the penis isn't a bone yet can technically be fractured... If you're not gonna stop at the arm, just a thought ;)

Why not break everything, just to be safe

That really sucks. And she must be a moron to speak while he's on the phone with his wife.

Your username is...interesting.

I bet the inspiration for this username was involved in this scandal :o

Goes interestingly with their picture... I'm wondering WHAT exactly their flavor is.

41: hopefully cherry. :D

Probably ex-wife now.

Water-based lube sucks too. And I think the other woman knew exactly what she was doing. She wanted to get rid of the competition. The only stupid thing is that he will cheat on her, too.

I bet you the woman did it on purpose..

Maybe it was a granny in the next bed watching HSN... No? Dump him.

Nicely done lady in the background, if it wasn't obvious before, it sure is now!;)

If you're going to lie, agree on what the lie is beforehand. That said, OP's boyfriend can go to that big fiery place.

One does not simply walk into Mordor

Too far, #28, too far.

I'm pretty sure that OP clearly said the word "husband". Not boyfriend.

48- Gah! I commented without rereading the FML! I'm sorry! *commits seppuku*

On a totally irrelevant matter,, Everytime someone writes OP,. I always read it as One piece.,

65 You had to make me go all the way over to google and look that word up didn't you?

Unless he had a gun to your head, I don't see how he could force you to look up the meaning of that word.

85- Sepukku- the old Japanese technique of suicide to preserve honor. One would take a sword or knife, stab oneself in the stomach, and move the sword/knife around your stomach in a circle. And yet, I'm 16 and didn't have to use Google. If I know it, you should know it. C'mon now.

121- are you really saying that people should know the Japanese word for honorable suicide just because you're a sixteen year old who knows the word? Are you fucking kidding me?

Just make him your ex-husband and then he and his homewrecker won't have to make up shitty lies anymore. They can live happily ever aftwhore.

Nice wording :)

Nice wording :)

Punny...I like it. >:)

I love your name.

Obviously, she was right

Leave him and his sorry excuse. And if necessary... Leave him with a real broken arm. Or face. Or both.

Coincidentally, he'll be in the hospital in a few hours with a severed penis and crushed testicles.

Both? What, did she use a drink mixer down there or something?

Oh the iron...y! lol. *hides flat iron weapon*