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  Miriam Lauer  |  3

Why? His brother found someone that shares his love of horror movies. They can use that as bonding with their kids when their old enough. Why not just let people be happy?


Okay, neither of those beats Michael Myers in terms of popularity, and "scare factor". Also, Norman and Hannibal are kind of average names. You call your kid "Pinhead", and everyone has a "what the fuck" moment.

By  John Nemeth  |  14

I cannot wait to see them watch Freddy vs Jason when their old enough.

Start of movie

Jason “Seriously?..”

Freddy “You seriously named us after this movie?”

End of movie

Jason “ You know what never mind at least I didn’t touch kids”

Freddy :(

  tenniemo  |  19

I like Pennywise out of those two, because they could split it as “Penny Wise” for a first and middle. Still an homage but less obvious than their original options.