By minty - 14/03/2015 03:52 - United States

Today, after days of being too sick to leave my house, I went to get some medicine. While picking out cough drops, an old man leaned over and said, "You smell quite delicious today". I haven't showered and the only "perfume" I'm wearing is VapoRub. FML
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Vapor rub smells amazing. At least when you can't breath .

At least you didn't smell bad without a shower. Still creepy though. Hope you feel better OP.


Vapor rub smells amazing. At least when you can't breath .

Old people are weird, and they can't smell much anyways.

You don't really start to lose your sense of smell as you get older, well not all people do.

bleedingglitter 24

The smell of vapo is one of the only things his dying senses can pick up still.

jentrynicole 20

Even if you had showered, it would still be creepy.

That's not really an fml at all, since VapoRub is a smell sensitive to the elder besides what's the downside? better than smelling like bo

Might be time to find a new shop or tell the manager

"Dis customer said I smell gud once plz help me Mr manager"

Daelynn_17 19

haha, I was totally thinking the same thing.

Today I realized my body odor smells good. FML Please.

Dalboz 26

the word 'today' make it look like he's sniffing her everyday. creepy

Haha thats what i was thinking. Like what other days has this old man sniffed her?

Dotty8710 10

Every FML story starts with the word Today

Sorry, ignore this. Replied something, but quickly realized my mistake so editing it out.