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By  jgars575  |  0

if someone doesnt smell atrocious does it really matter how much they shower? the human body is never truly "clean" so if you feel clean enough and not gross or if you don't smell terrible i really don't think it matters how much you shower. personally, i shower usually once a day but it depends on many factors, mostly weather. if its a hot day and i sweat up a storm i'll prob shower more. if not, maybe only once a day. just saying, let people shower as much as you want the body will accumulate bacteria anyways. just don't smell and it should affect any other person what you do

  MissSarcasm01  |  18

Can I just say, 9/10 times the goal in FML is to get many likes on a comment... Do you really think "lol!" On a different dumbfucked comment would even get you one?

By  xMooMoox  |  0

Every two days #3? I hope you mean every other day by that. And really depending on where you live, what your days are like, what body size you are, how much/how easily you sweat you need to shower more. I live in Florida and if you go outside for more then 10 mins (in the summer) you start to sweat. In parts of Alaska the summer time average is around 70-80 so you probably need to shower less, unless say your a construction worker. If your 200 pounds you get hotter faster, If your 100 you stay cooler.
So saying showering more then every two days is "OCD" is wrong and it wouldn't be OCD anyway. I sincerely hope you at least wash your face. And some people like to be cleaner then others. I shower everyday, it makes me feel better. And helps my skin as I moisturize every time I get out of the bath.

  smartypants9  |  15

Actually, there is. It is faster for them to sweat/overheat, as it takes a lot more effort to do everyday things than a healthy person. Overweight people perspire at a faster rate.

Ever wondered why fat people get so winded while using the stairs, etc.? Yeah.

By  SiLveRStaRLIGHT  |  0

I take a shower every night. Sometimes I just use soap and skip my hair though.
What with preserving the natural oils and all.

It's not because it's hot where I live, I just like the warmth of showers. I also like the clean feeling I get. Even if I'm not really all that dirty (I spend a day in school where a thousand sick kids are, so yes... That would be a good thing).

But I /do/ have a tendency to wash my hands more than I need to in one day. o_O

By  anonymous_123_fml  |  0

#7 - "#4 - OCD is when you're compelled to repeat *meaningless* actions."

You're halfway right. That's the "compulsive" part of obsessive compulsive disorder. the "obsessive" part of it can be related to something not being clean enough.