By VahnSeiro - 20/02/2010 06:04 - United States

Today, my girlfriend of two years called me, drunk, telling me how much anal sex hurts with some other guy. FML
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Astraea 0

definitely an fml, i can imagine how you feel right now. fuck that bitch with a huge dry stick in the butt then dump her!!

mponce12 0

what a dirty little bitch


how's that ur fml?? I beleive her life fuked!!

You should phone her tonight and tell her the same.

Enoch134 0

lol only in Texas

You're an idiot, kill yourself....

28, you might be right but I believe - I hope - zuuzuu is joking. I have no excuse for the spelling and typing issues. OP, was it a voicemail because there's only one thing to do with that... BTW, was she actually doing the deed when she called? That takes some concentration. At least she was thinking of you!

MetroidSlayer01 8

@13, your retarded

^ yes I agree ^

idk 13 has a point... more accuratly, only in the states between Texas and South Carolina

theian01 3

LOL @RustyGuns Great idea! Too bad she'd start a rumor that your gay... Oh well, rumors can be delt with.

htownlove 0

#13 you are retarded if you think that kind of stuff happens only in Texas Texas rocks! Houston, Texas a.k.a H-town is the best city ever!!!

I believe you mean fucked? It is not that hard to use promer grammer.

I believe I may have to take spell check off my iPod it's proper not promer. Stupid iPod.

agreed with 50

@57 Don't preach to people about spelling and grammatical errors. Sure, you explained the 'promer' incident, but it's grammar, not grammer. There's nothing worse than misspelling grammar when trying to make a point about grammatical punctuation.

zomg the zuuzuu bomb is fucking back! get over the fact she can't spell perfectly.

dear 64: YOU ARE SUCH A NERD! like really if you lived in my town and said that shit, you wouldn't remember how to spell the word "spell". hahaha

because he got cheated on zuzuu because he got cheated on..

sugarbabyxoxo 2

@ seeimdee, yes! same with me, I friggin hate grammar nazi's, I mean really get a fucking life! lol

none care bout ur h-town

dude247 0

for the like fifth time @ does not mean number get it right stupid people

they are not trying to make @ equal #. they are saying 'directed at' or 'to' through symbols. to say # username would make no sense. and everyone knows that a number is a number. there's no need to restate that with the # symbol. do a better job Nazi.

grammer Nazis!!! run hide the children *cowers in fear*

TheBreaKer_fml 0

damn number 1 youre cute

rogerdodger777 0

no. say it hurts more with a dog

LOL fucking hilarious!!!

chrissirhc987 0

haha #5 win

neonblue120 6

y be a douce have you ever watched fixed news the south does not have a monopoly on idjeuts

@sugarbabyxoxo I personally prefer when someone doesn't take an extra second to not look retarded on the internet. It sperates your dumb as rocks ass from mine.

paramorefan125 0

ahaha agreed.

hey zuzu I wanna fuck u

In_your_face 0

Hitler fun fact: Hitler only had one testicle why do you think he was so angry

sexy tits can I suck on them one night while u sit on my hard cock

angrydinosaur 4

Or "proper" spelling.

You cannot "fuking" spell.

man, that sucks.

iSwag 0


Fuck the butthole?

loski87 4

I think it's fuck the bitch...

#35's rendition sounds much better. What what in the butt?!

that music video is naaaaasty

i thought it was "for the boys"

mponce12 0

what a dirty little bitch

Astraea 0

definitely an fml, i can imagine how you feel right now. fuck that bitch with a huge dry stick in the butt then dump her!!


This ^

Giorgio272 2

Clearly she is a skank. Harden up and show her how a real man gives anal!

EV34 6


theian01 3

Ew... Sloppy seconds!

ok 9th now 10th :o

iEmily 0

Fail. @OP, dump her via text message.

what a sl*t.. , leave the beeeep, it's not worth it. lol

Ew. Seems you are good at picking dirty slags.

Not a fml now you know to leave that ho