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  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

28, you might be right but I believe - I hope - zuuzuu is joking. I have no excuse for the spelling and typing issues.

OP, was it a voicemail because there's only one thing to do with that... BTW, was she actually doing the deed when she called? That takes some concentration. At least she was thinking of you!

  iWingers  |  0


Don't preach to people about spelling and grammatical errors. Sure, you explained the 'promer' incident, but it's grammar, not grammer.

There's nothing worse than misspelling grammar when trying to make a point about grammatical punctuation.

  ezrl_ritvoi  |  0

they are not trying to make @ equal #. they are saying 'directed at' or 'to' through symbols. to say # username would make no sense. and everyone knows that a number is a number. there's no need to restate that with the # symbol. do a better job Nazi.

  Shadow14l  |  0

@sugarbabyxoxo I personally prefer when someone doesn't take an extra second to not look retarded on the internet. It sperates your dumb as rocks ass from mine.