By JP - Italy
Today, I went to the bank to make a withdrawal in order to celebrate my last day here in Italy with my friends. Apparently I'm overdrawn by 187 dollars so I'm eating nothing but leftover stale crackers to survive until I get free plane food on my way back home. FML
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  todo350  |  0

your a dumbass. italian food is the best. its one of the most highly praised foods world wide. i hope your comment was sarcasm, otherwise you simply have no appreciation for food...

  st0815  |  9

Yeah, his friends are going to love it when they can't even get an ice cream or a cup of coffee 'cause he doesn't have a cent on him. Or he could mooch of his friends ... not everybody enjoys doing that, though. Definitely YDI though - he needs to keep an eye on his money.

By  Outpail  |  1

OOOhhh, that's horrible, but at least next time you'll be more careful with your money and not buy that nice little trinket from Venice that you'll put up and never see again, right??