By JP - / Thursday 18 June 2009 16:11 / Italy
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  todo350  |  0

your a dumbass. italian food is the best. its one of the most highly praised foods world wide. i hope your comment was sarcasm, otherwise you simply have no appreciation for food...

  st0815  |  9

Yeah, his friends are going to love it when they can't even get an ice cream or a cup of coffee 'cause he doesn't have a cent on him. Or he could mooch of his friends ... not everybody enjoys doing that, though. Definitely YDI though - he needs to keep an eye on his money.

By  Outpail  |  1

OOOhhh, that's horrible, but at least next time you'll be more careful with your money and not buy that nice little trinket from Venice that you'll put up and never see again, right??