By Kayla_Zee_Ninja - 08/03/2012 04:06 - United States

Today, I was debating if I actually do talk to myself. I was having this conversation with myself. FML
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Honest: I talk to myself every ******* way there is, accents, in corners, movie theaters, school, friends house, sometimes I make scenarios and yeah... But honest: every argument I'm in I never win! XD

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I personally thought it was a draw.

OP was contemplating about whether to contemplate about contemplating. It is Contemception. Sounds like a contraceptive to me.

Haha, this is how I study.. It's F'd up but I sit in front of a mirror and pretend I'm "teaching" a lecture. Hearing and seeing myself, works all the areas of my brain. Works for me anyways. And personally OP I think its healthy for people to talk to themselves.. Unless however.. you start sitting in a dark corner, laughing at your own jokes. Then I'd feel concerned. =P

Nothing wrong with talking to yourself op. I talk to myself all the time especially, while I'm using public transport. No one ever sits next to me. I wonder why.....

Check for hair on the palm of your hand ;) lol

Well feel concern because i do that a lot.... XD

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First time I see an OP comment on their FML *mindblown*

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It's okay Kayla(op) I'm constantly talking to myself and it's not unusual, it's good to talk things out by yourself.. No one will judge you :)

Some times it helps to talk to yourself, say in the event of having to answer potential questions, or if you are concerned whether an idea is good or not. If it doesn't sound right coming from your mouth, you will be glad that you confronted the question, eliminated the inappropriate response, and perhaps narrow down more acceptable alternatives. Besides, it's a really good way to keep people you don't like from bothering you!

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I thought you were talking to me this whole time.

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I talk to myself often too. Only because I either have no one else to talk to, or people just don't want to listen to what I have to say. >:I

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Did yourself agree with you?

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You may be schizophrenic but at least you have eachother

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30 How ever did you figure that one out

"KAYLA_zee_ninja"? Idk man. I don't know many guys named Kayla... :P

Actually to be honest... I was on "I don't talk to myself" oh the irony....

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I read Kayla's bio after that and now I'm legitimately upset that someone like that exists.

Its ok as long as you don't answer yourself. :)

OP said she was debating with herself. Therefore she was presenting arguments and answering her own questions. Or do I need to tell you the definition of "debate" aswell?

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Who cares what Kayla thinks! You're obviously right.

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Who cares if you're crazy, at least you won't be lonely! :D

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They got medication for that but start fighting with yourself then you got a problem

Like in the film Fight Club... Great movie!

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Don't listen to yourself. You don't know what you're talking about.

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Tell yourself to shut the **** up.

SO DID YOUR FACE! hahahaha!!!! No? Okay. *crawls back under rock*

Why are you under my rock? Get your own! I stole it first.

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Sounds like you're a masterdebator. They say sometimes it's best when you're by yourself.

Damn it. I didn't see your conment you beat me to the pun.

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I thought it said masturbator...