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Today, I tried to pick up a girl by asking her what the time was as a conversation starter. She responded by telling me it was time to pick a girl more in my league. FML
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Sounds like she just clocked you in the face.

Megan98 18

I would've said "You're right, I can do so much better".... Then laugh when she has a bitch fit.


Sounds like she just clocked you in the face.

Sorry, I thought it was. That's alarming.

Seems I'm a quarter-too late for any timely puns.

I don't have time for any of these bad puns

God that would tic me off. You should tok to her about it.

ninjajoehenes48 8

Its about time these puns clocked out

Bubbelz 25

Nice one. It's obviously pun season and it has been some time since I last had this flu. So watch out! I hope I'm not too late.

BunchieRules 31

44 - Why try to stop the thread? It's obviously out of hour hands now.

So your saying that she wouldn't give you the time of day?

Should have started it with a simple "hello"

#56 I thought it was a James May reference aswell.

Inediblepeaches 15

2- It works all the time for Captain Jack Harkness...

Or answered with a, " You're right, I should aim higher."

Sorry mate, had to let my mum know your pain. She says that that girl's a mole. I agree.

BunchieRules 31

29 - FML should make a button on comments for "there's a button for that" to prevent any more useless comments saying "there's a button for that." Interesting...

5-Now it's time to play an FML game called "Bury'd"

Yeah 41, if you're going to insult me at least use good English. Although I have to admit that was clever

49 - It was probably a reference to Punk'd, which was once hosted by Aston Kutcher.

slimjim8094 12

73 - **** that, it's a That '70s Show reference.

Your obvious mistake is that you tried to "pick up" a girl using verbal methods. Next time, literally pick her up. She'll be swept off her feet, trust me.

Megan98 18

I would've said "You're right, I can do so much better".... Then laugh when she has a bitch fit.

Bitch alert! Just for saying that she's out of your league.

Should've told her you like to slum it now and then.

Someone take this man or woman to the hospital. No amount of water will cool this burn.

It sucks that you're unattractive and all, but you clearly tried to pick up this girl because of her physical attributes. It's an unfair double standard to not allow her the chance to reject you based on your physical attributes.

Are you kidding me? Where in the FML does it say OP is unattractive and was just talking to this girl because of her looks?

Do you go up to ugly people and try to pick them up? Do pretty people tell other pretty people that they're out of their league?

Honestly, looks don't matter to me. I'm not that shallow. Personality and compatibility are so much more important. You need to rethink your approach to the opposite sex.

Yeah I'm gay, so thanks for that assumption, but I manage to find plenty of attractive people who are interested in me and have great personalities and senses of humor. So clearly my system's working for me. If you're going to have a physical and emotional relationship you have to be attracted to someone physically and emotionally, and it's not a huge injustice to the world to say "that person really doesn't do much for me" just after glancing at them. It's just the way we're wired.

"Not a huge injustice to the world...just after glancing at them." What about the men and women who were unlucky on the physical trait scale, but are beautiful people where it counts? Seems like an injustice to me if they are shoved to the side based on looks. Besides, how exactly do you judge physical attractiveness, hmm? It's subjective; every person is different. What you might find attractive may be god-awful to someone else. I don't care about your sexual orientation. I'm just saying that you shouldn't assume the physical attractiveness of either OP or the girl. I suggest getting to know someone first. Don't discount them because of appearance.

sammyjanette 17

I totally agree with you, KyleGruber. Also, Welshite, we can tell that OP wanted to pick her up for her looks, because she is a bitch. She obviously didn't win him with her sparkling personality.

You don't have to talk to someone just because you think they're attractive. I've met lots of people because they were doing something I found interesting or I was doing something they find interesting. I'm not pretty but guys will start a conversation with me and ask for my number if they think we have mutual interests (I know that doesn't count as "hitting on", but some people would apply the same rules to dating). For example, if I'm wearing band merch and the guy likes the band or I'm reading a book they like. I do the same thing when talking to people too; I go for people who seem like they'd be similar to me. Sometimes people just catch your eye and looks have nothing to do with it. Maybe he thought she seemed like somebody he'd like.

34 - Not all bitches are pretty and not all uglies are nice. Just because OP found 'something' about her appealing enough to try and talk to her doesn't mean she is necessarily attractive. I know plenty of people who like certain attributes about others. For example, one girl I know likes guys that have tattoos. the fact that the guy can be quite ugly is irrelevant. The tattoo itself is the only thing that will compel her to approach him. "Pretty is as pretty does."