By drebel - United States
Today, I bought my fiancée a dress for her birthday. She accused me of saying she was fat, because I bought it in medium rather than small. After trying on the dress, she's now not only mad at me for buying it, but also because the dress fits perfectly. FML
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  pimpcakes2  |  11

Agreed, a small wouldn't have fit her, but now she crushed because she's apparently gain a bunch of weight.... which is worse? Ehh, op's screwed either way, she's too insecure. Next time buy her jewelry or something like that, just not candy... that would be a new issue.

  burninnapalm  |  5

because number 51, for some reason, women think guys like girls who are a size 0... truth is most guys think the opposite. I mean a size 6-14 is still effing drop dead sexy.

  Levini  |  0

well... there is always the receipt ... if she don't like she can go to the store and exchange it ... so you aren't really effed but dude ... next time go for the earrings or other jewelery

  hilda_kitty  |  16

I know, eh? I don't understand girls, even though I am one.
On another note, I'm an XL, and I wouldn't be mad at my boyfriend for giving me a dress my size.

  Jizwold  |  0

I don't think 82 needs to be any thicker but every guy likes something on the chicks bones (there is a fine line between something on em and "eww fat chicks")

  sezual  |  15

I do the same! I mean, form fitting close are nice to go out in but I don't feel the need to wear something skin tight on a day to day basis.

  skulluks  |  0

Your right he does sound ignorant. A women is actually right for once, does anybody know what this means? SHES A WITCH!

Listen mister, WOMEN HAVE NO LOGIC!!!!!