By Anonymous - Canada
  Today, my girlfriend and I were getting it on when her cat attacked me. I was pissed, so I grabbed the cat and rushed outside to get rid of it. Little did I know, her parents were home, sitting outside. So I was naked, with a feral cat in front of my junk trying to kill me. All I could say was "Nice Weather?" FML
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  kaitidid16  |  0

7- your disgusting. in case you weren't aware beastiality is illegal and perverted anyone who even thinks of screwing an animal should be put to sleep like one.


30 get over yourself and stop taking everything so serious and technical about , you should be put to sleep for wanting another person to be put to sleep what's worse someone making a joke or someone wishing death on another person ?

  FuckMyLife195  |  0

well, he was pissed off at the cat and horny cause of his gf so he probably thought he could kick the cat out then keep going with the gf... but look like her parents were home and fucked up that idea...