By Anonymous - 25/05/2010 23:33 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend and I were getting it on when her cat attacked me. I was pissed, so I grabbed the cat and rushed outside to get rid of it. Little did I know, her parents were home, sitting outside. So I was naked, with a feral cat in front of my junk trying to kill me. All I could say was "Nice Weather?" FML
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that really$500 gf=$1000 gfs parents seeing u naked with the cat= priceless

wow.. you are not very smart.. why would you run outside naked in the first place?! why not dress first? your not even at your own home!!


Good thinking.

haha yeah, nice improv.... they prolly think u were gettin busy with the cat :p

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you should of fucked both pussy's !!!

Yah I know Quick humor is the best

7: thats kinda weird


Hilarious lol! I bet it did appear you were molesting their cat, since it didn't seem to like it lol.

YDI for being a fuck nut.... SCREW ANTIFLOOD

get that angry pussy.

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OP: nice weather huh? (looks down) lots of cold wind tho.... 

19 cont' Well it was bigger for your daught... Oh !

for some reason I call fake

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7- your disgusting. in case you weren't aware beastiality is illegal and perverted anyone who even thinks of screwing an animal should be put to sleep like one.


num 11's name. bahahahhahahah. u go!

^^^ now only if we all could name ourselves something like that :D

you wish Soty, ;)

lol I do, that would kick arse :]

#7 is a freak...ew

30, ever heard of a joke?

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agree with 43. this is just an awkward situation.

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7 just stop talking ya Mexican slut

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30***** not 78

zakkyzebra 11

nice saveee. beastiality is only illegal if you're caught kiddios ;)

actually in some states beastiality is only illegal IF they can prove THE ANIMAL DIDNT ENJOY IT! (dead serious!)

#30,calm down it was a joke...and it's not even sick humour nowadays it's just humour

dude thats pretty sick.

# 30 u need a new picture .... lol

Haha, when you set the cat down the mom goes told ya he had a small dick you say it's just a little cold!!!

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30 get over yourself and stop taking everything so serious and technical about , you should be put to sleep for wanting another person to be put to sleep what's worse someone making a joke or someone wishing death on another person ?

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Ha ha nice one

2010fmlfan2010 0

ha ha good one

it's not a feral cat if they own it, js

in Denmark, you can have all the animalsex you want, as long as you don't hurt the animal. fucked up.

lol, the cat was mad that she was cheating on him.

While I do agree that what 7 said would be creepy if taken literally, he was obviously joking.

lmfao agreed. WIN.

that really$500 gf=$1000 gfs parents seeing u naked with the cat= priceless

BelleElle_fml 5

Hahahahha! gf=$1000????

well why get a girl that cheap I only buy designer brand gf they last longer

for the night he means haha.

cats are more like $99 and by girlfriend do you mean expensive Russian Internet prostitute?

I get my girlfriends for bargans in places like Walmart

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Lmfao!! Best Fml and comment ever!!!!

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don't hurt the cat! It just wanted to play :]

no really it just wanted that tiny little meaty nugget.

wow.. you are not very smart.. why would you run outside naked in the first place?! why not dress first? your not even at your own home!!

well, he was pissed off at the cat and horny cause of his gf so he probably thought he could kick the cat out then keep going with the gf... but look like her parents were home and fucked up that idea...

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because being naked is awesome and I just only wish we could walk around that way and not get arrested for it.

well... did you get to beat dat pussy?

Peacemaker9 7

and that's when the mom says "yea ... and a nice jug too..." lol she probably did

I would think just putting the cat out of the room would be fine not outside. also if it needed to be put out did you have to stroll out with it?

^^only person with common sense here, other than my superior male common sense of course.

Oh, of course. I best get back in the kitchen and make a sammich before my man gets home

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hahaha oh wow. at least her dad didn't pull out a gun.

YDI for thinking you needed to go all the way outside to put the cat out. you could have easily just left it in the bathroom or somewhere else in the house.

that's just hilarious hahaha FYL