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Today, after spending thousands of dollars and several years pursuing a higher education so I could get a high paying job doing something that requires skill and brainpower, I finally got my first job offer after months of searching. I will be cleaning houses. FML
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braasilianx0 4

better than no job, your situation could be worse.

Olovio 5

You need more lemon pledge?


haha that sucks

OP probably has higher qualifications than the owner of the house!!!

jennifer93 0

what ever happened to good or even remotely clever first comments? it's prime comment space ya got there, wasted

oh never mind it doesn't suck she is a woman they are mention for this

adropofpeace 8

not that I don't sympathize, I really do, but that's the way it is these days. and it sucks but ya gotta learn to work through it!

imacreeper 3

Remember OP, it's just an offer, you don't have to say yes.

imneverhigh8p 0

so what

it sucks man how would you like to clean houses man -.-

Is that a job offer I hear?

at least he's never high...

34- what? go away..., he's gonna go into depression and then get high to cope with it.

Get some Windex! ^.^

imacreeper 3

At least you were offered a job :) no matter how crappy it may be.

PurpleRae420 0

That's a waste that right there says that school is a waste

imacreeper 3

No, 51. without school, the person who designed and created FML wouldn't even have the brains and mentality to create a website like this. something you're lacking.

Thumb me uppp yayyy lol xD !!!'

well, how would you like to spend most of your life studying to get a decent job and get stuck doing the jobs you were trying to avoid in the first place. You suck.

rallets 22

meh, college is overrated

PurpleRae420 0

well idc 52 your a bitch and just hate that I don't like school and btw you don't have to go to school to create a website idiot alot of people have done it! And whoopdie fuckin do I don't like school it's not for everyone and that doesn't mean I'm lacking something because I don't like school or didn't create a website because why I don't want to so go run your mouth to someone else bitch thanxs

hamster_10 2

92- your lack of punctuation might suggest you do need school, that essay of yours reads like a bitch! ;)

Malinkrot 3

let me guess, PurpleRay is the badass high schooler who gets suspended 3 times a month for smoking cigarettes or wearing little tube tops that say SEXY MAMA in glitter, and doesn't need college because she plans to become a famous jersey Shore castmember. yall just ignent

imacreeper 3

92, you just need to shut the fuck up. get your ass back in middle school, sit the fuck down and learn something for once. does it look like I give two flying fucks? my gosh.

abbytequiere 9

And how exactly is getting an education overrated?

rallets 22

so i can be in debt for the rest of my life? fuck that lol

jesscarrr 10

hahah oh how I love FML fights, people just fight about the most stupid things and get so aggravated about it. you'd think someone who loves education so much wouldn't be daft enough to bite back at 92, considering he's just trying to start a fight.

No rallets, so you can make enough money to not be in debt the rest of your life. And be intelligent instead of a pimple on society's ass like purplerae.

lonewolf6613 4

53 I gave u thumbs up just cause you seem to like thumb ups :) as for the fml... awww well gotta start somewhere to get experience

daz408sjsharks 0

I started my own business wit no college

169- your a fag

NastyNinja31 0

atleast u get to watch birds fly into the window

such a waste of a first comment. *sigh*

Yinky_Unbanned 0

"I love college!" don't attack me I'm just quoting Asher Roth :p

actually 52 school is just training wheels for your brain it gives you knowledge and ways to apply it , I was building my own pc's since I was 13 guess what the school didn't help me learn anything about computers , if your intelligent AND smart you don't need school THAT much to pursue what you want to do the same year I had the second highest iq In my city is the same year I failed grade 9.

actually 52 school is just training wheels for your brain it gives you knowledge and ways to apply it , I was building my own pc's since I was 13 guess what the school didn't help me learn anything about computers , if your intelligent AND smart you don't need school THAT much to pursue what you want to do the same year I had the second highest iq In my city is the same year I failed grade 9.

ItWasAllWorthIt 0

I feel like PurpleRae might be lying about her age on her profile. I sincerely hope so, anyway.

Shadow4i5 3

ya gatta start somewhere

penelopecruise 2

you look like a combination of Pedro from napoleon dynamite, and the bad guy from no country for old men. I mean fucking spot on

wat11115 0

92- fuck yeah man just because you did well in school it doesn't mean you are smart anyone can do well in school it's fuckin easy

209, what was your towns highest IQ then? 10? And in regards to building computers, I agree, school doesn't teach you that; I've pretty much taught myself most the stuff about computers, which I one day hope to use for a career, but it helps you fill in the gaps with subjects such as IST and IPT.

it's clearly purple Rae. he didn't have the schoolin to spell things right

Alwayspullout 7

165, was it a lawn care business?

Even of you know a lot about computers, imagine what you could learn if you majored in something related. Everyone's saying school didn't help them learn about computers. No shit. But you do get to pick your major in college. There is the option to learn more about computers. Also, good luck getting a career in computers without a degree. Common sense guys. Common sense.

53 - congrats 59 people thumbed you down.

a_nutritionist 10

naw 209 thats right, you keep telling yourself that doctors can just practice after they teach themselves to build a computer...because...all careers are in computers right?

TalkinSmack 6

when ur going to "dis" someone atleast use the correct word. ignent isn't a word. u just made yourself look dumber than OP. it's IGNORANT...

do20ss 4

this is a true FML, for awhile atleast

ItWasAllWorthIt 0

It's better than wiping elderly Ass, which happens to be my job. But still, FYL.

K3nnyLaGrange 0

Ohh, that sucks.

Sucks like a vacuum cleaner?

you have to start somewhere

watch out for strauss kan

GravyGuy 11

It's still better than having sex with juggalos I suppose.

if she did that she WOOD get a better job

cleaning does need skill though, there's a motion of vacuuming that only brainpower can do :)

Olovio 5

You need more lemon pledge?

No no, Mr. Johnson no home.

Look, could you just give him the flyer? No, no, noo...

"Cant you just bring some from home?" "No noo nooo"

listen I don't want to point fingers but I'm missing about a thousand dollars in play money.

"No nooo, you buy."

"I take..." "Come get bitch"

c-c-combo breaker!

braasilianx0 4

better than no job, your situation could be worse.

PeopleWatcher 0

Cao Braasilianx0!

Of course it could be worse. Any situation could be worse than it is, but that doesn't change the fact that OP's situation sucks really badly. You know what really pisses me off when I'm trying to vent to someone about a really shitty situation? When they tell me, "It could be worse."

Osito2011 9

yeah it could be worse op could be homeless. but at least she has her foot in the door with a job. op just keep pushing that resume out

duuude, 20$-30$ a house, 3 er 4 houses a day. its not that bad. plus you get some exercise with that vacuum. it does suck you went through all that education though..

$60-$120 a day? You can make more than that waiting tables.

braasilianx0 4

115- not even $20 $30 a house! my mom's friend's friend cleans houses. she gets paid $70-$200 a house. I went with her once to make some extra money. she does 4 a day. hell of a workout for sure. but the money is the motive(;

braasilianx0 4

155*, sorry.

woahh. my bad :) thanks.

braasilianx0 4

130, this isn't your situation so let's not get all hissy.

Actually, it's pretty damn close to my situation. And believe me, "It could be worse" is not a soothing sentiment.

braasilianx0 4

be glad you've got something. seriously, unless you really do prefer having nothing at all, then don't even bother trying.

be happy its a job

sensoon15 7

thinking same thing. there are a lot of people who would be happy to take that job and not complain at all because at least they have money to put food on the table. OP, SUCK IT UP!

a_nutritionist 10

@139 no person who just graduated from a degree spanning 3+ years below the poverty line would be happy cleaning toilets. if someone is happy with such a job its after doing zero study or being let go after a long spanning career...

CasualZombie 6


A7X_LoVeee 10

You fail.

gotta start somewhere mate

Six years of university and no teaching positions to be found. Schools are cutting back instead of hiring. So now I'm working as a nanny. OP, I sympathize.

I am in the same position. I work two part-time jobs because there are no teaching positions available.

I'm going down that career path so I'm starting to get worried :(

jayellef 3

same here, was working at a school district lost my job now working as a nanny and still attending school. hopefully by the time I graduate more jobs will open up.

ImmortalKratos 0

what state are you girls in? in some of our Houston school districts they're paying teacher to move out here and their yearly salary cuz we don't have enough teachers

b/c "H-Town" hoodrats kill the teachers they don't like.

not true, they just threaten them for better grades...