By thanks sis - 29/8/2020 10:52 - United States - Hesperia

On a leash

Today, my best friend and I were supposed to meet up at an outdoor beer garden. We’ve both had a hard time with quarantine, so it was a great escape. Instead, she kept me waiting for nearly two hours before I finally left. Her excuse? Her boyfriend, who she sees every day, really wanted to have sex. FML
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  szy  |  6

Or she was using OP as an excuse - she tells the boyfrind she's with OP, tells OP she's with the boyfriend and spends the time with someone else, her lover maybe.

By  samomaha  |  17

This one is on you, OP. I would never wait for anyone for two hours. After 15 minutes, I will givethem a call to see what's going on. They should either be on their way and meeting me within another 15 minutes or so, or else have some kind of unexpected issue which is preventing them from going at all. Either way, they should have called to let me know, as it only takes literally 1 minute to do so.