By iamnotuseless - 10/12/2010 11:37

Today, I went to my local pharmacy. Walking in, the security guard rudely asked me what I was going to buy. I brushed him off and walked in. I was paying and told the cashier what happened. She said "Sorry, we get a lot of hobos, they tend to steal." FML
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Maybe you should invest in some nicer clothes, and/or a hair cut?


I like how her nane is iamnotuseless, implying that homeless individuals are useless...I beg to differ!

perhaps you could dress better? people are rude, you can't change that, but this should be your wake up call to clean yourself up a bit. nothing fancy, but not bum-like either.

I come back to this website a year later to find out that all my comments have been removed. Hello, all! OP, YDI for getting sick.

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I guess this is what happens when you neglect hygiene.

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some times u can't help being a hobo and either was that's a gay comment


That's hilarious & such a sad story. ;P

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YDI for not being a hobo and fussing hobos as useless ha

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they never said first all they said they were number one

Maybe you should invest in some nicer clothes, and/or a hair cut?

eww. that's least you brushed him off!?

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lmao maybe you should look in a mirror. just saying

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I see hobos at the local walmart here and if you resemble one of them, ydi. Hobos have no home to shower, and look clean. you have a home, resources to have clean clothes, decent haircut and showers! Use them.

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