By iamnotuseless - 10/12/2010 11:37

Today, I went to my local pharmacy. Walking in, the security guard rudely asked me what I was going to buy. I brushed him off and walked in. I was paying and told the cashier what happened. She said "Sorry, we get a lot of hobos, they tend to steal." FML
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Maybe you should invest in some nicer clothes, and/or a hair cut?

that is messed up


that is messed up

I like how her nane is iamnotuseless, implying that homeless individuals are useless...I beg to differ!

YDI for Not being a hobo.

yeah.... ( T_T)

perhaps you could dress better? people are rude, you can't change that, but this should be your wake up call to clean yourself up a bit. nothing fancy, but not bum-like either.

I come back to this website a year later to find out that all my comments have been removed. Hello, all! OP, YDI for getting sick.

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I guess this is what happens when you neglect hygiene.

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some times u can't help being a hobo and either was that's a gay comment

like his face.


That's hilarious & such a sad story. ;P

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YDI for not being a hobo and fussing hobos as useless ha

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woot number 1 :D

will get modded?^

they never said first all they said they were number one

Maybe you should invest in some nicer clothes, and/or a hair cut?

that would be the best option

lol for a sec, i thought your pic was some overflowed turd in a toilet xD

haha aww

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so did I(:

Sounds like you need a make over. :)

YDI for looking like a hobo.

Voldemort isn't nice. :-) BTW - I was only joking; maybe I should have mentioned that.

hairt 4

avada kedavra! hahahahaha =)

eww. that's least you brushed him off!?

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lmao maybe you should look in a mirror. just saying

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I see hobos at the local walmart here and if you resemble one of them, ydi. Hobos have no home to shower, and look clean. you have a home, resources to have clean clothes, decent haircut and showers! Use them.

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Maybe he's just a hippie?