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  kristinjeaneen  |  21

I don't know what getting it fixed earlier has to do with anything. OP could've literally just found out about it and immediately went to get it fixed and still got pulled over.

  Tsumetai_  |  11

maybe they couldn't afford to get it fixed earlier.
or didn't have the time to bring it in.
or maybe they were bringing the car in as soon as the noise problem started.
the fml doesn't say how long the exhaust was making noise.


Depending on area, it can be a noise ordinance thing. This literal exact thing happened to me a few years ago, except my appointment to get a new muffler was the next day. Still got the ticket.

By  azisles02  |  17

Did you explain to the cop that you were on your way to get it fixed? If not, YDI. If you did & he still wrote the ticket, so if you can fight ur saying that you explained it to them and price the court with the dated receipt. If you did explain it, hope it gets tossed out.