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Today, I found out that if my son and daughter in law are mad at me, they do it on my furniture. So far, they've done it on the table, my bed, and all the living room couches. FML
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I can't be the only one who missed the "in law" bit at first.


No, she only sucks for the brother OP isn't that lucky

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Don't hurt yourself trying to Anyways, it's not funny if I have to explain it


Haha I see what you did there SOTY. Cool pic by the way.

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Alright then? ( someones indenile about having fail comments)

Yah thx, it'd be better without the faggotass lifejacket but I'd rather look like a fag than be floating facedown in Lake Superior looking cool :|


Lmao. Lake Superior is the shit lol. Yeah, without the life jacket you probably be a face down icicle floating around. Like I made any sense, but still I went 2 years ago and had a blast body surfing on the waves.

Yah i live in the Minneapolis suburbs so I can easily go there and do annually at the least. And that did make sense, my uncle has a shirt that says I swam in Lake Superior and froze my pecker off xD and has a bird under it with it's beak on the ground but anyways before we piss ppl off even more message me instead of "wasting space"

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Did you spot me while you were on your lake adventure? I'm upset that I wasn't informed of the out of town boy, fishin on muh lake! You went to Canal Park, didn't you?

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Lake Superior is retarded. Go to the Atlantic Ocean and be blown away by the immense power of the waves. Sent me all the way back to shore from 10 meters out! that was in Virginia Beach. Ocean > Great Lakes x 100.

Try getting drinking water from the Atlantic Ocean :|

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Wait. Your son in law and your daughter in law or your own son and your daughter in law?

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Wait do the son and daughter do it together? are they both in-law children? these are questions that need answers

FYL for having an immature son and daughter in law. "Omgz let's have sex on mommys furniture because we are mad at her. We are ******* rebels!"

so your son and and daughter in law are cheering on your kids witch each other?...I'm confused :-/

is lake superior one of those Canada/USA shared lakes?

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well maybe if you weren't such a bitch they wouldn't be pissed at you so often.

soty, I don't get you dude. go get some fresh air.

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As the FML says it's her son and her daughter-in-law. Having a hard time reading eh?

I'd totally do it on the furniture with #7 - #12 - #13 and/or #43. Even better would be to line them up together and go at once!! Just sayin'...

Own son and daughter in law, it clearly states that..

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is daughter and law and step daughter the same thing.

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Well don't piss them off then.

YDI for finding out that if your son and daughter in law are mad at you, they do it on your furniture. So far, they've done it on the table, your bed, and all the living room couches.

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omg skroal shut up!! and haha 36 and 37 :)

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wait.. all the living room couches? f u and ydi for having a bunch of couches u freaking showoff.

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Haha my boyfriend and I totally do that!

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dude i wish i had a hot sister in law haha jk tho haha

I think some of y'all have a problem reading English. It's not incest. It's her son, and her sons wife (aka daughter in law).

lmao! I accidentilly skipped over the "in law" part and saw "my son and daughter do it on the furniature" hahahaha oops

no her son, and her daughter in law. her sons wife

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They'll do it on your back eventually.

nvm I read that wrong thought it said son and daughter

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just take out the "in law" part, and it's such a better fml. lolol

in soviet Russia parents in law have sex in there sons/daughters bedroom

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In soviet Russia, furniture has sex on son/daughter in law.

weird way to rebel but yet effective lmfao

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in communist china sex on couches is reserved for the ruling class.

wait. the kids have sex with each other? niiiiiiice.

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deserve it because suns are lame... oh, son? still deserve it. anti flood. evil. 2nd. use protection. I'm a fruitcakes.

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Then how would the be getting revenge on his mom. "Mom we're pissed at you, we're gonna go have sex on our bed to get back at you!"

No it's "Fine, you have sex on MY bed? I'll have sex on YOUR bed."

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don't see the fml on that 1,just sounds like they r extremly horny lol