By voyagevoyage - 09/04/2014 22:38 - France - Les Montils

Today, I told my neighbor that I was going to Réunion Island on vacation in a few months. She said that she'd always wanted to go there. As a light-hearted joke, I said she should come with me. She's now booked a plane ticket. FML
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Probably would have been best without the joke. You never know when people take things literally.


Pandaboy876 14

More like overly attached neighbor...

No not really.... shoulda kept your mouth shut if the OP didn't mean it. Now he's getting what's coming to him

Probably would have been best without the joke. You never know when people take things literally.

23Z9TZO 18

People literally takes thing literally. I just said literally and I have no regret.

Justy101 23

Like that episode of The Middle when the wife's boss thinks he is invited to thanksgiving. But, ya know, she was just being sarcastic.

It is not the boss. It is the coworker

Especially elderly people who are getting a bit slow.

You could've winked after you said it to show your sarcasm.

A wink isn't usually interpreted to be sarcastic...

kewpiesuicide 29

Then she'd probably assume you were hitting on her and book you both in the same room

Looks like now you'll have to become BFFLs

i assume her life will not be that long if she is that old the illustration tells us

Well hopefull if you joke around with her and you like her then the trip won't be a bad one.

dakid87 10

Ce la vie. Most people can't take a joke:/ Just try to make the best of it

strawberrywine22 30

Since you're correcting him on his French grammar, I am obliged to do the same. It's *C'est la vie*, with a normal 'c' and apostrophe, not 'ç'.

*Say la vee I'm an accomplished linguist. Ask me how to spell anything- I don't charge.

And speaking of which, that's a nice FML, too bad it's been taken from the French FML website...

EpicSquishii, anything? I'd like to know how you'd pronounce the Finnish word "epäjärjestelmällistyttämättömyydelläänsäkäänköhän". And yes; It's a single word and it's not gibberish.

FML64128 7

...It saddens me that I can't copy and paste this into google translate from the mobile app...

Maybe you weren't being obvious enough about it being a joke. Some people just don't understand jokes.

If she's a nice neighbor, and you're good friends, make the most of the situation. I'm assuming that it would have been better to be alone in the trip, but pertainung to the

Dillyduzit 23

Did you fall asleep mid-comment?

Ugh I was afraid this would happen. I was replying on my phone during my work break and my signal went out, so I couldn't edit my comment to compete it. Lol, my apologies! Might as well finisg it: ...but pertaining to the issue at hand and what I mentioned above, try and use the time to know her better. But, only if she chooses to! Then just avoid her throughout your whole vacation.

Curse my mobile device. Why you do this and humiliate me so...? :