By JessP - 26/02/2009 23:28 - United States

Today, my boyfriend and I ordered sex toys online and had them delivered to my dorm room. I put my parents' address for the billing information because I didn't want the bill sent to my dorm after I moved out. The toys were sent to my parents house instead. FML
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when did you place this order that you were worried that the bill would be sent after you moved out?

Anyway, did your parents enjoy the gifts? ;)


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The billing adress is where the credit card bill goes

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It wouldn't be so bad if your parents weren't so nosy, they send those things in discrete boxes.

they ship to billing address to not get fraud orders.

Usually they give you the option for a separate shipping address

when did you place this order that you were worried that the bill would be sent after you moved out?

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Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad! Who knows? Maybe they'll thank you.

Why would you have the item sent to your dorm but not the bill? Did you expect for the bill to be sent awhile after the actual item was or something? I don't get your logic there... Also, lol @ #7

Why did you order sex toys? Are you the couple in FML #142795 with the strap-on?

reciting FML posts like some damn bible verses. that is friggin awesome

What's wrong with sex toys? They're neat.

#10 you can get the item and the bill sent to different places when you send someone a gift.......most websites have the option of having a different mailing address and billing address

FAIL! And some very happy parents =). Thanks for the gifts honey!

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I was thinking #15, but then maybe you should have said today my parents got my sex toys that i ordered like weeks ago? anyways, that is embarrassing....and usually the bill comes with your order, so i don't get that part. i've never received items before the bill...either i get the bill first or i get them together.