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Today, my friend told me how she crept out last night to hook up with her boyfriend. At one point, she said she "snack" out, so I corrected her by saying it's "snuck". My boyfriend snorted, showed us in a dictionary that it's actually "sneaked" and called us "fucking idiots". FML
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Both are acceptable. "Snuck" is more common, in my experience. It's like "hung" and "hanged." Hung was actually added to the dictionary later, as many people thought "hanged" sounded awkward and improper.

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I agree with the boyfriend


Damn stupidity at its finest haha

Judging by your grammar OP, I'm not too surprised he called you guys, "******* idiots."

OhDearBetrayal 25

I agree. OP appears to have become a tiny bit comma-happy while she was writing this

LaColombianita 26

Ahhhh! Comma splice D:

nofearjenshere 12

I, think, OP, has, great, grammar.

I read and re-read the OP's post, and I didn't see any comma splices. #7's comment, however, does have one. :D |the pedant|

dontpanic_fml 32

This. There is nothing wrong with OP's writing; #7's is blatantly incorrect.

LaColombianita 26

I think 7 did that on purpose... Perhaps

youjustmademelol 4

What's the point of correcting her grammar? Also the periods go INSIDE the quotes, I thought you should know miss I know everything about grammar AKA comma lover Your bro is almost as dumb as Jennifer Garner. I say "almost" because unlike Garner, he wasn't stupid enough to challenge someone more intelligent on national television.

OhDearBetrayal 25

45- Oh my, did I really forget to end my statement with a period?! Good heavens, my only option now is to slip into oblivion. How dare I point out the observations I came across when I read OPs FML? Its not like this is a comment board, right?

OhDearBetrayal 25

Oh okay sorry I didn't catch on to that^.^

The real word to be used is snuckadeded out.

I don't see how this is an FML. You have bad grammar. Go to school and pay attention in English class. Fixed, right?

Snuck does actually mean Sneak. There is literally no difference between them and their meanings.

You illiterate *****. -_- Since when do periods go outside of quotation marks? Third grade grammar, learn it.

Maybe if you had learned to READ in first grade, you would know when the periods go outside of the quotation marks, because you would have actually READ the comments preceding yours.

Pretty_Pink_Lady 10

Grammar: the difference between knowing your shit, and knowing you're shit.

GovernorGeneral 8

Pheeeeeeewwww. o.o

Correct!!! There wasn't one single comma out of place. Nor was there an extra one.

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I agree with the boyfriend

nofearjenshere 12

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And you're still learning English. So the hell what?

nofearjenshere 12

Damn, calm down. It's not like I said, "He is a grammar nazi lets beat him with a stick & shove a can of Pringles up his ass!" & I think it's pretty safe to say that we are all still learning English everyday.

What's your point then? You can shove a can of pringles up my ass if you want. I'm not a grammar Nazi though. :/

nofearjenshere 12

My point is that I never said it was a bad thing for him to be a grammar nazi. And I don't wanna shove anything up anyone's ass...

But if you didn't mean it as an insult, then it's completely pointless to state the obvious! What if I pay you? Would you shove a can of pringles up my ass for an OtterBox? Some Trident Layers? Maybe we can watch a romantic comedy first, or a movie about Snickerdoodles. Would you do it for me then?

dcg1375 7

Shrike-"So the hell what?". Sounds a little more like you are still learning English judging by that statement. And what's with the defensive aggression? Grammar nazi, non grammar nazi. Who cares. She was just making a joke in her first comment and then being jokingly sarcastic in her second. Nobody was attacking or threatening you. So why the irrational freak-out? Quit smoking or having drug withdrawals? If so I applaud you and wish you luck. However, no reason to attack Jen. Calm down. Take deep breaths and count to ten.

You don't get ironic slang, do you? And yes I'm still learning. I like grammar Nazis because they help me learn. If she didn't mean her first comment as an insult, there'd be no point saying it period. How do you say it? "Derp"?

dcg1375 7

Oh and Shrike, quit thumbing up your own comments. Freak. It's obvious when immediately after you post there is a +1 and a -1 on Jen's comment. You just need to relax or lay off the steroid injections. Whatever is causing this irrational anger. Rub your earlobes and say ooosaw...

dcg1375 7

She can make a comment and mean it as funny sarcasm. It doesn't have to be an insult. And if you are still learning English because it's your second language then why did you accuse her as still learning. That makes no sense. Ok. To someone who is learning English as their second language: You have to learn that everything said isn't always serious. A comment made can be sarcastic too. Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish the two. Unfortunately there is not a "sarcasm" font. But don't get so angry. It's just FML. Everyone is here to have fun.

dcg1375 7

And thank you all of Shrikes friends for the thumbs down. :)

You're welcome. :3

55- *thank you, *Shrike's *friends,

Friends is spelled right you know..

I find it funny how dcg1375 goes on a rant and spams the response to this comment. Obviously shrike and jen have different opinions. No need for him to step in to the disagreement and try to impress Jen by defending her. If she shoving Pringles up anyone's ass it's shrike cause at least he would take her out to a movie first.

Lol that comment's funny because if he were a grammar nazi 1. He wouldn't have to get out a dictionary & 2. He'd know that there is no such word as sneaked..."snuck out" is the correct term. I wonder what sort of dictionary he had?

He was adding the comma.

I thought it was funny

I'll shove a can of Pringles up your ass any day ;)

why go on rants with paragraphs of shit trying to be a knight in shining armor for some broad that left you here to fight her battle? it's funny how you're trying to teach him a lesson and knock him down , all while stating your opinions..all because he stated his opinions. "everyone is here for fun" you lighten up too! tf?! bitching at people for doing exactly what you yourself is doing makes no sense at all

Both are acceptable. "Snuck" is more common, in my experience. It's like "hung" and "hanged." Hung was actually added to the dictionary later, as many people thought "hanged" sounded awkward and improper.

Seems people using "your" instead of "you're" is more common too. But yeah, both are right. Sneaked is more proper though. Edit: like the person below me, #5.

Idonebeenhad 17

Yes, but that's completely different, #4

You're right about both being acceptable. It doesn't matter whether you use snuck or sneaked. Personally I prefer "snuck". It's not the same with hang though. "Hung" is used for inanimate objects (e.g. a picture being hung on he wall) and "hanged" is used when referring to the death of a human (maybe animals too) by hanging.

I know #18, I was just saying. Though what he said about hanged and hung is wrong. Someone being hanged is a method of execution. You can never use "hung" in its place, that has a totally different use. English is weird but if you look stuff up, it's easy to learn. I go by the rule that if the older word isn't "archaic", I'll use that. But both are fine with sneaked/snuck. :))

Your is showing're means you are...they are two totally different things

Hanged is only used for the act of hanging someone everything else is Hung I'm pretty sure...

sambo1andonly 5

Hanged is the proper way. A "hanged" man is different than a "hung" man. Unfortunately, hung is what most people use in place of hanged.

Example for hanged "I hope you are hanged" Example for hung "He was hung for what he did"

Hiimhaileypotter 52

No, #180, it would be "He was hanged [not hung] for what he did." He's not a tapestry, he wasn't being hung up as a decoration.

Actually, hung and hanged are not interchangeable. I'll make this short and sweet. I HUNG the picture frame The man was HANGED for his crime. 4th grade English....

5181997 6

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"when *you correct" *you're *you're again

THANK YOU 12!!! I was getting a twitch

5) That must happen to you a lot.

omarzrgz 3

Hahaha "Fucking idiots" just gets to me xD

I believe it is a genre of ****.

I believe it IS ****.

I've been saying snuck my whole life and it is actually a word. So your boyfriend's a '******* idiot' for not knowing that both snuck and sneaked are accepted..but 'snack'? Seriously?

So technically, you've also been grammatically incorrect your whole life.

#103-- No, they're both acceptable. Look it up. Webster's lists both "sneaked" and "snuck" as correct. "Snack" is just wrong. And as far as being "grammatically correct" goes... Most people make grammatical mistakes all the time and don't notice. It's usually not a big deal (as seen here.) It doesn't make you a grammatically incorrect person. In my opinion, it's more important to correct mistakes that can make a meaning confusing, like with your/you're or "snack", which already has a completely unrelated meaning...

Uh, snack was obviously a typo.

How was it a typo when it was said out loud?

Sneaked in the UK, snuck in America, so in Australia both we can use both. You're all idiots!

3yellowzebras 19

Both snuck and sneaked are used in the UK

#10 Is chiefly right according to the OED: Forms: Also 15 sneke, 16 sneek, sneake. pa. tenseand pple.also (orig. and chiefly U.S.) snuck.

Whats with all the Aussies in FML getting the last laugh? Like every time

zingline89 18

I'm impressed that your boyfriend owns an actual dictionary.

Well, he already had the dick part down.

Yeah--bad grammar or no, the boyfriend sounds like a pompous dick!

littlemsweirdo 12

Like a boss.

youre right is "snuck",your boyfriend's the ******* idiot...

You're overall grammar skills suggest that, in fact, YOU are the ******* idiot.

Oh shit. I see. *stabs self repeatedly* Never... Again...

Bladian- "So do yours." Do not criticize people if you are going to be wrong.

#118-- What was wrong with Bladian's comment?