By Eric - United States
Today, I ordered Chinese food. As I approached the restaurant to pick it up, I took out my keys and tried to unlock the front door. By the time I realized my mistake, everyone inside the restaurant had noticed and started laughing at me. FML
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  juicystar777  |  4

sure :) ^ alright well, he was taking the Chinese girl out. so it's like when you take food out but she's a girl. and she's Chinese. so it's Chinese takeout! it's quite humorous once you understand it :D hope that helped!!

  MissMae93  |  23

Juicy, you should probably stick with reading the FMLs and comments rather than trying to make a funny comment. The "takeout" joke was not even remotely funny and the fact that you didn't catch on to such obvious sarcasm worries me.

  choshaki  |  8

It really does!! Once I went to unlock a car that looked just like mine. Put my keys in the lock, then realized it was already open, I even got in the car then realized it wasn't mine. Embarrassing!! We all have our moments.

  riax  |  9

One time I got home and was supposed to take my shoes off, but some reason I thought I was in the bathroom, so I took my pants off instead LOL


I hate to do this but: "should have."
(also "yelled")
Seriously, why do so many of you spell it that way? "Should of" is a mistake small children usually make.

  Bekll  |  30

8, I actually grade homework assignments from 7th graders and see "could/should/would of" quite often. What's troubling is when adults do that too.


That's extremely sad. I know why they do it, because it's spoken as "could've/should've/would've," but..shit, that really should be a mistake small children make.
By the way, your profile pic is hilarious.