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wow, everyone in the restaurant must adoor you now.



It's probably because your not a monkey.

what do you call a man taking out a Chinese girl? Chinese takeout! haha did you guys get it? :DDD

47. No I didn't. Can you please explain??!

sure :) ^ alright well, he was taking the Chinese girl out. so it's like when you take food out but she's a girl. and she's Chinese. so it's Chinese takeout! it's quite humorous once you understand it :D hope that helped!!

47 how did you not get it

reading the last 4 comments made me deeply depressed -_-

I'm preeetty sure 51 was just being sarcastic..

*facepalm* *facedesk* *facebook* *faceconcrete* 52- you eiather are trolling in the deep or you're actually stupid...

Juicystar777 kills my brain cells. Or maybe she's just a major troll... Either way my head hurts

66 i think facebook comes before facedesk

Juicystar777 is very, very blonde.

Juicy, you should probably stick with reading the FMLs and comments rather than trying to make a funny comment. The "takeout" joke was not even remotely funny and the fact that you didn't catch on to such obvious sarcasm worries me.

Op you should of just laughed it off... its really not that embarrassing.

No shit Sherlock.

i guess my name is Sherlock PFFT..loser

Holy crap you sound so annoying and arrogant.

That happens to the best of us.

I havent tried to unlock random doots with my car keys...

No. . .not really.

Me either, but then again I have no idea what a 'doot' is.

I think it's a butt thing.

Definitely a butt thing.

Does it really happen to the best of us??? It never happened to me.....well I'm far from the best so I just don't know

It really does!! Once I went to unlock a car that looked just like mine. Put my keys in the lock, then realized it was already open, I even got in the car then realized it wasn't mine. Embarrassing!! We all have our moments.

-.- door... Hehe doot

Those Asians. Always in your damn house.

Does he go that often to think he's home when he gets there? :P

One time I got home and was supposed to take my shoes off, but some reason I thought I was in the bathroom, so I took my pants off instead LOL

Ching Ching chong!

Worst username ever. ^

No Ting Wong.

Classic Chinese joke

62 You don't say?

Why you makey fun of how me talk?

You should of yell honey I am home

I hate to do this but: "should have." (also "yelled") Seriously, why do so many of you spell it that way? "Should of" is a mistake small children usually make.

You have a big nose.

#5 Once again making a shitty comment

8, I actually grade homework assignments from 7th graders and see "could/should/would of" quite often. What's troubling is when adults do that too.

That's extremely sad. I know why they do it, because it's spoken as "could've/should've/would've," but..shit, that really should be a mistake small children make. By the way, your profile pic is hilarious.

Quit being grammar nazis, it's the fucking internet.

I always do this was the back gate at my house. :(

Why you no understand?!

"Oh my god it's Ethan Hawke!"

wow, everyone in the restaurant must adoor you now.

I was gonna correct you, then I saw it... you got jokes kid.

You no focus. You rack disciprine.

Why that white man try to lock us in?