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Today, I realized just how bad my 28-year-old husband's gamer rage is when I came home to a smashed TV. This is the second TV in three months that he's destroyed. FML
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Smash one TV, shame on you. Smash two TVs, shame on me.


Does call of duty have a partnership with apple that they release essentially the same product every year with a slight upgrade to it?

Next time tell him to throw the controller. They're cheaper to replace.

I have bad reaction times in close quarter stuff, so I got battlefield 3 instead of continuing to play mw3. Best game I've ever purchased. My k:d ratio is actually above 1 now :P

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Especially when you swear you shoot somebody 10 times and they don't die; but they survive them all and knife you.

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Knife kills are much more rewarding in battlefield 3 and for some reason when you get knifed your self it's more reasonable not like cod where people are like samurai's and can dodge bullets and kill you in one hit...

That's not healthy. Sounds to me like a 28yo has some growing up to do. That makes for a bad domestic situation. I hope you guys don't have kids. Be carful of him op! Take care.

Way to threadjack gypsy and gamer rage does not mean he will abuse his kids

Well, not automatically, Gregory--but, it does show that he can't control his anger enough to not do something physical to let it out, so... Probably a bit more possible, sure.

#26 I'm surprised they're not at each others throats with lawsuits over that, actually. Soon we wont be able to hit Ctrl + C.

CTRL-Z is better bro! Only programmers will get this...

It isn't always just the game, 3/4 of the player base has a voice pitched high enough to give a dog headaches, and then three the language, oh the foul language

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29- What if he threw the controller at the TV? Oh dear.

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Except he probably would throw the controller into the tv

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OP should've learned that the first time then...

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For this reason I can't play CoD, Madden and most racing games... But having a punching bag next to my TV does help. Maybe you should get one for your man

It's way more frustrating here in Japan. I can only get on when all the Japanese try hards are playing -__-

Smash one TV, shame on you. Smash two TVs, shame on me.

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Smash three TVs, where the hell do you get your money.

Two very important questions. Is this rage only during games? And is he buying the TVs? If so, I don't see a problem.

As long as he uses his money to buy new TVs then no big deal. Otherwise when you leave for work take the TV power cord with you or his game console.

109 OnlyChild - OP said he's her husband. Most married couples share the money.

I think you should get a projector and a screen to avoid anymore damage.

153 I like projectors; as long as you have a big blank wall, it's like having a 90" tv! I had to use one of those at my uncle's house many years ago. Gundam on PS2 was a freakin biblical experience.

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You're calling me a noob? I'm not a noob! Damn you! *throws controller at TV screen*

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That money will come out of both of their pockets since they're married. Plus, it's pointless if he's just gonna end up breaking the new one.

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Sorry that was a reply for a comment that got deleted..

Someone did that 67??? Damn; crazy people with rage problems shouldn't be allowed online games.

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It's his fault for sucking. The TV WAS INNOCENT.

The angriest I've ever been was when I got killed 6 times in a row on bf3 by a guy named the_trifling_ho Talk about rage quit!

6 times?? LOL try dying 10+ times then going on a 20+ killing spree and then rage quitting. good job Infinity ward. Lol

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He did hate the game. Which is why the TV's broken. l=^P

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My brother has broken 3 tvs, 4 controllers, and 3 laptops. What I hate is that he's taking all my family's money. That could have been a downpayment on a car. :(

Seriously 60? My parents would never stand for that shit. They wouldn't have replaced anything that we broke out of anger over a video game.

No, I'm going to hate the player. It's video game players like him that make people think video games are dangerous for society. When millions upon millions of people can play games without flipping their shit or destroying their life? I'm gonna blame the player.

You've never played Minecraft, have you? The only you can really get mad at it is when a creepers blows up your house. Damn creepers...

18: That's why #6 was funny; Minecraft isn't usually rage-inducing. If that doesn't work for you, pretend he said "Tetris" instead.

You can also get very angry when you're building a lava mote around your house, run out of glass to cover it, and when you run to get more you come back only to see the lava caught your fence on fire. Oh but it doesn't stop there! The burning fence then caught the rather impressive amount of livestock you've gathered on fire, so that when you return all you see is a cow running around on fire and a bunch of cooked meat on the ground...True story.

39: *Moat: a watery channel designed to protect a castle. A "mote" is a tiny speck, like a mote of dust.

Darn! I was right the first time! I typed "moat" at first and it kept getting auto-corrected to most, so I thought I'd spelt it wrong. Thanks!(:

I stopped playing Minecraft after my house was destroyed for the tenth time by a creeper. I tried once more after that, and ran into a Jockey -.-" I don't thnk the game likes me.

Actually what bugs me the most is falling in a pit of lava after mining some diamonds. Now that, that is rage inducing.

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39- Minecrafters like me approve of this message. Have you ever tried building a mob trap without lava? It's fun!

It's not his fault! They camp so god damn much and a man only has so much will power.

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The noob-tubers create about as much rage. Put them both together and half your house will be destroyed.

O.O *GASP!* Oh no, it's FMLshark! FMLTUNA! SWIM AWAAAAAAY!!!!! :O

Don't worry people. I'll just swim with the other tuna in a big ball and it'll be fine.

Ya that's when I would say go see someone About your anger or no more games! Those TVs aren't cheap you no!

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Jackie chan voice makes it hilarious.

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The reaction picture makes it that much better, love it.

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How can someone be so mad at a game that they destroy things in the process? Seriously? I understand it gets intense sometimes, but that is some crazy rage. He needs help.

My friend got so mad she once threw a ps2 controller at the wall. Needless to say the wall wasn't very far away from her, so the controller bounce back and smacked her in the jaw. If that wasn't humorous enough for you, you should know that the game she was playing was Spongebob. Also true story.

Dude that game's extremely frustrating. It's fun as hell, but it can get you SO mad.

You have obviously never played a video game. Ive seen some crazy shit in my day. My husband has gone through several pairs of headphones by throwing them in fits of rage. Our friend actually broke his desk once. Go play call of duty or battlefield and get killed over and over for 3+ hours then talk to me lol