By SaltIsReal
Today, after winning the first set for school tennis championship, the losing side refused to shake hands with my team. We ended up getting disqualified from the championship by the referee for bad conduct, even though it wasn't our fault. We told the referee what happened, and he said, "Suck it up." FML
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By  Snufkinn  |  16

That sucks. Wouldn't surprise me if the ref was affiliated with the losing side somehow. I've played sport where the ref was from the other club and the level of bias was obscene.

By  Zanquis  |  22

Sound like you where not supposed to win. Record the procedings and make sure to note the name of the referee.

Most likely the team that you beat ended up winning the tournament. I had such experiences with football tournament. The referee gave us all kind of unfair punishments, rejected a clear goal and we still managed yo draw. So in order for the other team to proceed they had to win by 4 goals which took them about 60minutes of overtime to succeed.