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By  RichardPencil  |  28

Attention to detail not really your strong suit?

That entry-level crap is for worker bees anyways. Your “blunder” is actually a power move to get you in to the executive ranks immediately.

By  ImZakki  |  15

I waited 50 minutes to go on a ride and then it closed for maintenance while I was in the coaster, about to take off. I had to get off the ride. It opened 10 minutes later and I wasn't allowed to go to the front of the queue.

By  yeongji  |  31

OP was not specific on whether it was his fault for being at the wrong site or if he was told the wrong instructions as to which site to show up at. If he went to the wrong one, he has nobody to blame but himself, but if it is the latter, I hope that the company realized their mistake and won't penalize him for it.