By Alec - 15/06/2011 09:02 - United States

Today, I had a sore throat, and I'd read that drops of Tabasco sauce on your tongue helps. I aimed the bottle at my tongue and the whole cap came off, covering my face and filling my mouth with Tabasco sauce, causing me to blow chunks all over the kitchen floor. FML
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Hot sauce for a sore throat? What are you reading, "Medical Journal for those who liken themselves to Chuck Norris"?

ArmedcrackerR6 8

LMAO idiot


Ew. How did people react to that?

by catching the chunks in mid air with their mouth

licking it off the floor

I am thoroughly disgusted at the two comments above me.

jamie72596 9

Your not the only I feel like blowing chunks...:$

was it red from the sauce or sill brown?

I would have poured some onto a spoon, but heck, I'm man enough to pour it onto my face.

Veraymix 6

^ What 66 said about the spoon, or putting a couple drops on your finger then licking it off...

cyns0_oaSailor 0

once I got really drunk and blew chunks, chunks is my dog.

LOL what do u mean "how did people react to that?" how the hell do u think? god this made me laugh more than the FML.

missmadii 0

lmao wow 86 :P that made me laugh a little

86- rotflshtidmtamsfo :D (rolling on the floor laughing so hard that I dropped my taco and my sombrero fell off!) :D

next time, try using breast milk

flockz 19

"blowing chunks"? nice word usage op

#50 your picture made me laugh more than the FML!!!!! your picture is a massive win

do blow chunks meen u let ya snake let lose on da floor?

66- that's what she said.

who's Chunks??

146 Chunks is 86's dog

ArmedcrackerR6 8

LMAO idiot

Zeek63 0

that is hawt I might hit that...

JokinglySerious 0

me too

Agiggleaday 0

OP is quite gullible

22cute 17

so how's your throat?

missmady 0

i'm sure the vomit helped.

That's probably why OP put their name as "Gullible".

Zombieslayer1 0

Wow, that's sucks. Sorry op, what does help it a tbs of lemon juice mixed in with a small glass of brandy.

I use lemon juice and honey in hot water with a little cayenne pepper or ginger... lemon juice in anti-bacterial, honey is soothing and pepper or ginger are hot...OP was a way... a little heat does help, it draws blood to your throat to fight any infection, but don't just tip sauce in your mouth....

I deal with sore throats by not being a little bitch.

What the hell were you reading?

They don't? I've been doing it wrong this entire time. The people who work for me must've thought I was retarded.

I can make it work

I'll bet it was 4chan.

when I read your comment #4, I read it in stewie's voice xD

99 - Holy crap i did that to! haha

bballsoccerrocks 7

literally made me lol

YummiGummi 0

lol!!! :P

Pow! Right in the kisser!

# 9 awesome family guy reference!!!!

Norm Macdonald reference FTW?

Jack1941 0

You are an idiot....

Ever heard of cough medicine?

kingtz 6

Cough medicine is for coughs, not sore throats.

Really? I beg to differ, most cough medicine also helps soar throats... I would know because that's what I use.

yeah it helps your throat soar! doesn't do much for sore throats though

mischiefkel 17

147-madmansoup- you are my new hero

shayshayfeirce 0

nasty. you are just nasty. lmao

you're hot. really hot. lol