By Anonymous - 09/11/2011 12:55 - Australia

Today, my boyfriend and I were having sex. My mum walked in and told him to pull out and show her that he was wearing a condom, and not just saying he was. FML
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matt120784 0

How long before someone makes a wincest comment?

Now that's some STD fighting dedication! Your mom is just looking out for you dude


matt120784 0

How long before someone makes a wincest comment?


3 minutes, judging by the timestamps.

Actually, comment #3 is a wincest comment, and was posted at the same minute at #1...

She was just using that as an excuse to see his junk. Either that or kill your mood.

Not to be mean, but OP's boy friend sounds like a real momma's boy. I'm pretty sure she put the condom on for him, the way she treats him.

GreenAppleDP 0

52, It was OP's mom who had walked in to examine his wrapped pud, not the boyfriend's.

One piece rock

That joke isnt even funny. It's overused and it sux.

proxxX069069 7

I just want to know if they got to finish after ?

You're aware it wasnt his mom right

She wanted some dick too. Get over it.

Op's mom just wanted a peek at the boyfriends dick.

adrrii 0

She said it was her mom

219, Your picture fits the expression of OP

anonymous100000 17

ever heard of locks? USE THEM. YDI

now that's some funny shit. lol

What? I dont recall OP mentioning anything anal. o.O I believe even more awkwardness would have been produced if it was..

Don't condoms go on the balls?

Ur in shit

jmtmxer 0

141- yea go get some and put them on.... See how that works out for ya

flockz 19

ya condoms go on my balls cuz i got them cylindrical balls yeaaaaaaa boy.

v1kt4r 13

No Shit!

Did she join in?

fthislyfe 22

Did you really have to say that?

Yes yes it's was needed

dsbs 9

Me gusta

No,No bueno.No le gusta!

The incest comments themselves were funny enough to begin with, the inevitable negative overreactions of everyone on fml makes it even better. The strange thing is, I would expect most people who read fmls to be able to take a joke...

I agree with the above. Unless the mom was like Megan fox or or some other hot movie star with huge fake boobs.

#114 and #80.... Me no le gusta.!

You would say just "No me gusta." No le gusta is what you say when your directing it at someone,and I was directing it toward comment 80. But nice effort!

I'd show her.... and i dont mean but just looking... she'd feel it ;)

If it's not ur mom and she looks decent..go for it.

MCRaddict 0


Mother daughter duo.....only happens once in a lifetime...DO IT SON!

Ouch, that's awkward...

Not as awkward as our names -_-

Awkwardly Epic lol

icefshng8 9

Epically awkward?

SystemofaBlink41 27

Wet dreams!

I like to sand paper my nipples and lick the blood that flows from my teets. Hehehehee.

185-What the fuck is wrong with you?

you_freak 7

185 sounds like Salad Fingers

Wow, that's epic.

Now that's some STD fighting dedication! Your mom is just looking out for you dude

Just pointing out it wasn't his mom. It was his girlfriends mom, unless of course they were gay...

Personally, I think she wants the D

If they were gay, the condom was probably lost in the rectum. Or no?

That's kinda rude, telling her that her boyfriend has STD.

You need to learn how to lock your door and if it doesn't lock, then go and get one. Case closed..

*door closed

Don't forget to lock it!

Urbanchiller 0

the FML sounds like the begining of a porn video.

That's sick!

kickazz16 15