By Uh_Oh_Bro - 24/07/2016 17:58 - United States - Annandale

Today, my family, grandma included, took some time to discuss whether or not olive oil is a suitable substitute for lube. FML
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Well, no, because oil degrades latex in condoms. Unless you're not using condoms, in which case it's fine, but might stain the sheets. Best to avoid it.

Well... enlighten us, is it or is it not?


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Rawrshi 25

I mean... technically it can be. Coconut oil is better though. Plus, it's great for your skin!

Oil based lube can cause condoms to break and holes in toys

And it destroys vaginal flora

Not sure why the comment about the vaginal flora is being down thumbed- most oils can upset flora of that region due to how many plants have anti-bacterial or anti-fungal attributes. So of course using any plant or animal derived oil has a risk.

Rawrshi 25

Fun fact: Not everyone needs or uses condoms or toys. For those of us with birth control that isn't condom based, coconut oil can actually be used. Also, vaginal penetration is not the only thing which may require lube and I never said it should be used in the first place - just that it can be in a pinch and is better than olive oil.

My partner and I are monogamous, too, and while I like and respect your opinion, we found that Grapeseed Oil made the best and safest lubricant.

Well... enlighten us, is it or is it not?

Yes it is apparently, grandma kept mentioning the taste and smell

Omg it was during dinner too? She mentioned the TASTE AND THE SMELL while you guys were eating dinner? I'm so sorry, no amount of brain bleach can help you at this point.

cootiequeen4444 11

this is olive oil we are talking about. it's a staple in Italian cooking. so.. food.. the smell and taste is probably the why in why they thought it was a good idea. it's not like their grandma was talking about the actual cock...

Ali_Br_fml 33

@cootie, the only reason I can see for her mentioning the taste is if she was planning on tasting it while using it as a lubricant. (For oral sex) That's just my opinion though. Let's hope your reason was the reason she mentioned it... And OMG amount of brain bleach will remove the image of your grandmother in compromising positions out of your head...

What an awkward conversation to have among a family...I really hope this conversation wasn't something that popped into mind when you all were eating dinner because that's something to make you lose you're appetite that's for sure

Yes it was during dinner

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If you have to ask then you aren't old/mature enough to know....

PePziNL 20

Fixing plane engines.

A baby sucking their thumb

for the squeaky door hinge, of course

If you HAD to ask that question, #5, maybe you shouldn't be using this website or app.

Well, no, because oil degrades latex in condoms. Unless you're not using condoms, in which case it's fine, but might stain the sheets. Best to avoid it.

Also, there's infection risk if the oil has been opened- and many plant and animal based oils can disturb genital flora due to antifungal and/or antibacterial effects of plants.

For the record, it isn't. Tell grandma to stick to water based lube.

What utter legends.

Grandmas fuck, too.

Yes, they do. And the grandma I'm with, quite well, thank you. :-) (not really making a comment. just bragging!)

If it's on FML, I recon your grandma wasn't talking about Oilive oil as lube in lieu of machine oil in mechanical moving parts. Wondering if someone talked about Spit being the better alternative (if the person spitting isn't suffering from some disease). it is water soluble, less potential for toxicity/allergic reaction and certainly more easily available than Olive oil.