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Today, my boyfriend and I broke up. I was pretty upset, so one of my guy friends offered to comfort me and get some ice cream. Apparently his definition of "comforting" is to feel my tits and try to get me to give him head. FML
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Try a girl friend but not before smacking that horndog upside the head.


He didn't know what to write, do he wrote something random until he thought up a real first comment :-O

You need to develop better taste in men

Guys treat girls like that when they think they can get away with it, as in you wont get mad.. or as in an im-just-joking-but-not-totally sort of way. Now, What sort of girls let guys get away with things like this... hmm.. girls with low self esteem, who are usually referred to as a "what" based on their actions... hmmm? Then again, I'm a virgin, and I faint when I try to talk to a girl.

You can always see a dawg coming a mile away.

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spoken like a true misogynist cretin. blame the victim. go kill yourself.

I'm fairly sure a donkey wouldn't have the ability to comfort and buy ice cream for a girl.

I bet Donkey would. You know, Donkey from Shrek :)

Maybe he broke you guys up in the first place to get in your pants ;) but thats just an assumption

Try a girl friend but not before smacking that horndog upside the head.

Guys don't want to be your friend, when will girls learn?

Guy friends seem to always see their female friends as potential girlfriends no matter what the situation! OP your friend is an idiot for how he went about things but I bet he probably liked you for a long time while you were taken!

Well he was going to give you cream OP. I just don't think it would be ICE cream. Haha. But that sucks OP what ^ said is right.

OMG what a preconcieve idea you have there. Guys can have girls as friends without thinking about bringing them in their bed.

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I still don't think that really justifies his actions. Oh, I've liked you for years. I'm sorry you're feeling sad. Let me shove my crotch in your face... You know, to show you how much I care...

I don't agree, I've had plenty of female friends who I didn't see as potential girlfriends. He was just an asshole. Typically, once we've reached a certain level of friendship without anything sexual happening, we're just friends. I'm sorry your friend was such a dick, OP. I hope he wasn't too good of a friend, so you won't lose too much by throwing him away.

66: I don't think that that was supposed to be justifying his actions. I think people are too quick to say something is justifying wrong-doing, or blaming the victim. Most people aren't trying to do either. On another note, I hate stories like this. Sometimes I might want to do something along the lines of taking out a female friend for ice cream after a break-up, but I worry that she might think I have something like that in mind. If idiots didn't pull that kind of shit I wouldn't have to worry about it.

Any of them that say any different are lying or in denial. There is no such thing as a truly platonic relationship.

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Guy friends always see their girl-friends as potential mates, they just don't ever tell the girls.

what comment, I wanna know what comment you thought was boring.. oh well next time leave the comment number to reference

It looks like 39's comment doesn't exist anymore. Oh well

Well **** me, who wouldn't get turned on by ice cream? Everyone loves ice cream!!! I'm more afraid of what dessert might be.

There are people who are lactose intolerant, so nope, not everyone loves ice cream.

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You should never eat at a Golden Corral then. They have tons of desserts, and you might end up humping a waitress during business hours.

"Awww poor you, would mai dick cheer you up?" *smack* How can someone be that stupid?

The only why that's cheer a girl up is if she was addicted to it. But that's rare.

Delusional men and women are bound to bury this statement but a YouTube video titled "Why Men and Women Can't be friends" is enough evidence to support my theory.

maybe he said he wanted to cum for you and you just misunderstood him?