By lrn2spel, teach - / Thursday 12 December 2013 18:00 / United States - Mogadore
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Not always; it depends on the context.

  Bobby319  |  24

Yeah I know, ifunny is worse tho, you make one little mistake and suddenly the guy who points it out thinks they're better then you

  tukies  |  28

For some reason or another I always misspell it as scholl. I just blame it on dyslexia, and move on.

  PieterseMJ  |  20

Actually, in Afrikaans (South Africa), school is skool. Even spelling school now felt wrong looking at all the possible ways the teacher could have spelt it. haha

By  The_Tenth_Doctor  |  14

That's why you should make sure you're perfect before you judge people.


I can't tell if you're saying the teacher needs to stop judging the student because she herself is not perfect, or if you're saying the OP needs to stop judging because they're not perfect? Hmm..

  askingandy  |  23

If you mean OP, I'm pretty sure he/she wasn't judging anyone specifically. Most of my teachers are great, buy I still think the education system is disgustingly fucked up.

  skitzymew  |  19

I'm pretty sure the point of #9s post is that nobody is perfect so nobody has room to judge. The teacher tried to correct OP, but only made the same mistake OP did. If you're going to correct someone for their behavior (or spelling, in this situation) make sure you "proof-read" your life beforehand.

By  littlekellilee  |  41

Sit down with your teacher and explain to her that you didn't mean the essay as an attack on her personally. It would be easy for her to take that the wrong way. It sounds like you just accidentally hurt her feelings.

  sunnyray812  |  31

Essays are mainly about the students' opinions. There's no reason the teacher should get bitchy about it especially over one spelling mistake. Everyone makes that mistake accidentally.

  littlekellilee  |  41

#32 I agree with you, but she's human, and high school is a notorious time for being back stabby and bitchy. Maybe the teacher just graded an essay titled "Why You Suck As A Teacher" and so was already a little sensitive towards her teaching abilities when she came upon OP's essay. Just because she's a teacher doesn't mean she's a robot. She should be completely neutral towards what they write because it's their opinion, but honestly, so few people actually are.

  TheDrifter  |  23

I had a teacher say that they were neutral to the opinion of the writer. So I did a dissertation praising the visionary medical work of Joseph Mengele. She didn't think I was very funny. Failed me without a single grammatical error.

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