By chocochoco - 24/03/2014 03:40 - United States - Auburn

Today, my drunken self became a vaguely racist poet. I am now the author of a four-page poem entitled "Chocolate Men". FML
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Please follow up and publish it here!

Are you the same OP that wrote "Obama is a beautiful chocolate man" for their essay?


Please follow up and publish it here!

The only thing better than a funny FML is a funny follow-up.

We all would love to hear the follow-up, OP!

Drunkedness afflicts people in different ways, sleepiness, anger or a lustful gaze. Yet others suffer mental states even more perverse: the mistaken assumption that they can write in verse.

Are you the same OP that wrote "Obama is a beautiful chocolate man" for their essay?

The good old drunken self is there a sequel?

You were drunk and managed to write 4 pages that made sense? That's incredible

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@6 OP didn't say it made sense.

All the best writers live off a steady diet of Jack Daniels, black coffee, and cigarettes. No one told you?

#6 OP said it was poetry. Pretty clear it doesn't make sense

Chocolate men! Some stay dry and others feel the pain!

I really hope that's the only thing you did while drunk...

RedPillSucks 31

Perhaps the poem required some experience

Why is everyone assuming that OP was being racist towards coloured folk? OP never mentioned whether his poem was referring to milk chocolate or dark chocolate... let's keep an open mind here ;)

What do you mean "everyone?" No one has posted a comment about being racist yet... Also, aren't "milk chocolate" and "dark chocolate" both considered colored?

Also, #8..."coloured", really? Are you from 1925?

Wait. What's so weird about saying "coloured?" If you look at his info it says he's from the UK and coloured with a u is the right way to spell it in British English. "People of color" is still a commonly used phrase too, so I don't see anything wrong? Not saying I understand the rest of the post that well, though.

#8, did you completely miss the part where OP said they became "vaguely racist" and wrote a 4 page poem?

America - Color Every other ******* country in this world - Colour

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#8, nobody coloured me; I was BORN this way.

#11 he's talking about the use of the word in reference, not the spelling.

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41, stop trying to insult us -,-

I'm from the UK. I very rarely hear anyone use the word 'coloured' in that context and when I do it's always from the elderly who just haven't caught up with the times. I'm pretty sure it's not acceptable in most of the UK. Just my experience.

You have to keep up with the lingo of the times, man.

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Best alternative to gingerbread men I've heard. You may be on to something, OP.