By Anonymous - 24/03/2014 06:56 - United States

Today, during my dinner break, I was forced to listen to a coworker talk about how he dumped his needy ex for another woman. I'm the ex. We kept our relationship secret from our coworkers. I guess now I know why he dumped me. FML
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You should have started talking about your ex.

Op got dumped for another woman.


DanShowsNoMercy 13

What an ass.

He probably did it in front of her on purpose like the douche he is

"what an ass" said the homosexual lusting after some fine posterior

I guess talking about problems is overrated. He took the FML approach and just got a new girlfriend.

Nickb55 16

Wow even though you only knew, you're still there to hear his complaints so he should shut up

Op got dumped for another woman.

Well he wasn't meant to be

You should have started talking about your ex.

Or if OP is brave enough, she could have revealed that she was his ex and expose the guy for the douchebag he is.

Get him on the spot, he may not have even known what to do.

grashopper8 7

You're better off, dodged a bullet there! What a prick.

Was he not questioned about who the ex was?

The coworkers probably assumed he didn't date one of his coworkers. I haven't met very many of my coworkers' significant others

And now she knows why he dumped her.