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Today, I went into labor. I called my mother to ask her to drive me to the hospital. She wanted me to wait for her to take a nap first. FML
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OP here, to answer some questions, the father and I are married, he was just working at the time and my mom is closer to me than my SO's work so we had already planned for her to take me if this were to happen since he works long shifts. She was definitely serious about taking a nap but thank god she didn't cuz I was in full blown labor and had a few complications. Long story short, in the end my daughter had to have her stomach pumped as soon as I delivered and she wasn't breathing due to her swallowing and choking on my amniotic fluid and her meconium. She was fine after all that happened other than a fever of 104.5. So if my mom had taken a nap I'm not sure what would have happened.

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I accidentally clicked "That could've happened to me" I don't think it could've though, considering I'm a man.

Well, you wouldn't want her to be cranky.


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Well, that's none of your and our business.

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Well he could be in the military, dead, she could be giving the baby up for adoption, she could've gotten artificially inseminated, etc. Like there's a lot of scenarios where the dad isn't there

Or most likely, he could simply have been at work.

That's something I'd think she'd specify, since that's usually who takes a woman.

You're very stuck on this whole father thing huh?

you're right, I'm a dipshit, the shittiest of the dips

why the assumption that there even is a father? she could be a single women who went to a sperm bank and wants to raise the child on her own. Could be a lesbian couple. There are countless, countless scenarios where the biological father isn't there. of all the scenarios under which a woman is pregnant, dozens are scenarios where the father isn't in the picture, only one scenario where he is. I think it's less of people being "butt hurt" and more of people upset that your automatic assumption was that she is a straight, pregnant woman with a child she conceived through a heterosexual relationship with a man. Also, even if he is in the picture, there are also dozens of scenarios where he isn't available, such as work.

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Is this the sequel to 'did you just assume my gender?' Honestly, you're going a little overboard. The dad could be out of the picture and that's a valid option as well, there doesn't have to not be a dad for OP to call her mom. But it doesn't matter, OP called her mom, mom responded selfishly. F OP's Life.

How is your assumption any better? It's more logical for a father/husband to be present, and obviously he wasn't at the moment. It's 2016 so I guess we can assume "anything".

Well, you wouldn't want her to be cranky.

And here I thought the woman going into labour should be the one being cranky!

I accidentally clicked "That could've happened to me" I don't think it could've though, considering I'm a man.

You say that, but you'll find the right man someday. He'll know spells and be able to endow you with the proper anatomy.

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Both of your comments made my night.

I really wish they would bring the "YDI" back. Not that OP deserves it, I just wanted to say it.

Well in her defense. It does take a little bit for everything to get going, it's not like your water beaks and the baby just falls out.

Have you ever met anyone who's given birth? There is no time limit for anything. It's not like the baby is on a schedule. "Oh well it's been about four hours, WebMD says now's been long enough!" Women have literally given birth in cars because it can happen extremely fast. No one is the same.

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I have 4 kids. My longest labor was 6 hours. My last was born at home because L&D sent me home that afternoon saying it wasn't real labor. By the time contractions got worse we called the sitter, about 10 min later we called 911, and my son was born about 1 minute after we called them. He was 6 weeks early and needed just over 2 weeks in the NICU over 2 hours from our home because they didnt listen to me when I said I had fast labors and this was the real thing (meds to stop contractions didnt work and they said it was okay). So yeah, while very rare to have super fast labor it can and does happen. Hope it all worked out for you and your baby OP!!

Apparently you've never heard of precipitous labor. When my water broke with my first, I went from no contractions to every 3 minutes instantly. Considering the say to go to the hospital when contractions are every 5 minutes, I had to go immediately. By the time I got to the hospital and they discovered he was breached, there was no time to do anything, so I had an emergency c-section. My water broke at 3:30 a.m., my son was born at 8:35 a.m. The only reason it took that long was finding an anesthesiologist at 4 a.m. on a Sunday morning. I'm pretty sure he would've come quicker if he wasn't stuck.

I'm surprised a woman just said such an ignorant comment... My mom had me and my sister fast, she was in labor with both of us for about 2 hours..and that's how long some naps take...

This right here is why paying attention in health class is important.

Jesus this site is full of people that take everything seriously and just plain love to prove everyone wrong. Yes sometimes being in labor goes fast. But at the same time a lot of the time it takes a few hours. My comment was mostly a joke. I have in fact met quite a few women who've given birth, even been in the same ******* room as the women giving birth. But PLEASE everyone flip the **** out and tell me why you know more. My own mother was in labor with me for nearly 15 freaking hours. My sister was in labor for 10 (in which I was by her side the entire time). Y'all need to chill out. People like you are genuinely my least favorite thing about this site.

In her defense? She's being selfish. Like I told someone else, there's so much that can go wrong even in the very beginning of labor. Would you wanna be traveling when your contractions are really close and you're screaming in pain? I highly doubt it, it's safer and usually more comfortable at the hospital. There's no timeline for labor, my mom had me at the same time as her water broke(yes everyone is different but you don't wanna take a chance). It's all around better for her to get to the hospital in the beginning just to be safe.

Lol you can't tell people to chill out in a comment as unchill as that one

If your comment was a joke, maybe you need to learn that flat, deadpan humor doesn't translate to the internet. If you say something stupid and judgmental, yes, people will love to correct you.

I am proof that your wrong. My mom went into labor with me at 6:35 pm (she was making tacos), her my dad and my god mother left immediately to the hospital that was only 20 miles away. I was born in the parking lot.

It wasn't even stupid or judgmental. Sometimes women are in labor for a very long time, sometimes labor doesn't go very long. It varies so much.

I was born rather fast if I'm right at 4 it started and I was born at 6 I am almost positive that or my brother one of us the doctor wasn't even there yet.

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While that may be true, she should still go as soon as her water broke, so she doesn't risk an infection to herself or the baby.

That would be why it was a joke, but no matter how many times I say that. I'm apparently stupid or judgmental.

Well, I guess this won't be her favorite grandchild..

I guess your mother has her priorities straight!

It was actually a joke, but you don't have to believe me all good.

Wow! Does nobody recognize a comment being facetious/ playfully teasing anymore? Even though given that there was no "lol" or ;-) I could still yet tell it wasn't a mean comment. Heck! I got downvoted to -17 simply for making a light-hearted comment pro Battlestar Galactica on a Star Wars post. Jeez! And yes, I'm a fan of both....

Did you then end up giving birth in your apartment for 9 hours, through the entire night? Tell your mother that your upstairs neighbour was angry.

Oh how I just love it when two FML situations coinside with each other!

That sucks but having a baby can take a while :(

Yeah but there are so many things that can go wrong even in the beginning plus the hospital can make you more comfortable than home and then having to travel once the contractions are even closer is like hell, it's better to go in the very beginning and get comfortable

Yes they CAN take a while, a friend was in labour 62 hours. On the flip side, my mother-in-law was in labour 90 minutes, from first twinge to baby born. Hospital didn't even have time to assess her first. That happened to her twice actually

Hospitals won't admit a laboring woman until she is dilated a certain amount, or unless she has experienced a high risk pregnancy. So a lot of times women will rush to the hospital only to be checked and sent back home.

Not every hospital turns you away if you're not dilated a certain amount. I know if a lot of hospitals that will take a mother in labor no matter how dialated they are. Alot of hospitals trust maternal instinct that they need to be there or they'll admit them just to make the mama feel better and more comfortable. I think I'd be upset if I got turned away(maybe because I've never had a baby and would be beyond nervous as soon as labor starts haha) I think it should be based more on maternal instinct and knowing your own body

I was born @ 2.5# in 1966. The nurse was flabbergasted when the doctor told her to take my mom into the delivery room. I spent 2 months in NICU isolette.