By slightlyfamous - 17/01/2016 13:59 - Canada - Port-menier

Today, my dick of a roommate was moving out. She didn't actually tell us she was moving out and took the wifi, modem and all, while my other roommate was on a Skype call and I was watching a show. All with no warning. It's Saturday, I have an online assignment due Sunday. FML
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Maybe you can go to your local library or somewhere else with free wifi and send it there? And yeah, your roommate doesn't sound like a very nice person. Even though it came with this unpleasant consequence, be glad you're shot of her (hopefully).

I hope she was at least paying for the wifi didn't just steal it.


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Not at all saying YDI, but you probably should have been doing that assignment instead of watching the show.

Maybe OP was mostly complete and just had to make finishing touches and submit it? They could have a "no-sooner-than" time also, I suppose.

I'm gonna guess submission wasn't open yet or OP is massive procrastinator and wasn't going to start until closer to the due date.

lolbash 18

So its not ok for a teen to have mental breaks every now and then?

Why is everyone upset about the procrastinating? It's Saturday. In my experience, online assignments usually aren't due until 11:59 PM. If this is the case, OP still had over a day to do the assignment. Plus, some people work better under the pressure of time.

Hopefully you can manage to find her and make her accountable for ditching you guys and putting you in an unpleasant situation. Also, I'm sure your instructor will understand if you just explain what happened.

That's why you always make a roommate agreement.

Why is this getting down voted?

Assholes, they come in all shapes and sizes, but 1 thing they always do is make shit

She's just a big ole dick!

Hunt her down like a piece of chicken

OK.. so... how are you posting this FML? Your mobile? Oh, ok.. then turn your mobile into a wifi hotspot, or send the assignment to your phone and submit it like that..

pandainspandex 19

Not everyone has a phone capable of acting as a mobile hotspot. And if I understand correctly, your second suggestion is to send the assignment to the phone... How, exactly? With the Internet the OP doesn't have? We don't even know if the assignment is done, or if it's an assignment that could be submitted via mobile. My guesses are no for both.

1:"All in all, Samsung still shipped a lot more smartphones globally than Apple in the last quarter, with 84 million units headed to customers during Q3, compared to Apple's 48 million." "In total, Apple has sold more than 590 million iPhones from 2007 to 2014 worldwide." (No sources - fml wont let me upload links without me fucking about with the address) Those numbers dont include Nokias, Blackberrys etc, so data suggests that more people own a phone that can create a wifi hotspot than cant. 2: I can physically remove the MicroSD card from my (Galaxy) and put it into my laptop and transfer data that way. OP could have that option. Bluetooth is also standard on most new laptops now, so the assignment file(s) could be transferred to the phone by Bluetooth. Don't start on cloud only storage - anyone with an important assignment will have a copy on their harddrive or flash drive as well. 3: Most phone plans have a data component as well as call/text component. Simply go to the submission site, log on, and submit the assignment that is now on the phone. There's more than 1 way to skin a cat, so I think in both cases the guesses are yes.

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@31 Why not start on cloud only storage? I'm taking a few classes that use the same online program for assignment submission. The assignments are only available online and there is no option to upload a file for submission, so you have to use their website to work on any assignments.

I'm guessing OP submitted this FML about a past event when they finally had an internet connection again.

Sounds like my former roommate. Oh well, at one point you'll have your own place, and you'll be able to appreciate it even more once you've seen the crazy out there.

What kind of class has an assignment due on Sunday? That still seriously sucks. Perhaps you can go to a friends house and finish it, or a library or even the school itself.

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@22 A lot of professors require assignments to be submitted over the weekend. Last semester a friend of mine had an assignment due almost every Sunday.

What kind of teacher wants assignments turned in on Sunday?

Most assignments have a deadline for Sunday

Yeah, all my online classes have a Sunday deadline.