By Dogmom - 14/09/2017 23:15

Today, I overheard my manager tell a customer that it's perfectly safe for dogs to eat grapes if they're seedless. I work in a pet store. FML
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Today on FML I learned that dogs shouldn't eat grapes.

Please tell me you corrected him! The skins of grapes are so toxic for dogs!


Please tell me you corrected him! The skins of grapes are so toxic for dogs!

Everything I've read is that it's *believed* to be an enzyme in the seeds, that causes the problem. From PetMD " Although the exact substance that causes the toxic reaction is not yet known, dogs should not eat grapes and raisins because even small amounts can prove to be fatally toxic for a dog. Dogs of any age, breed, or gender may be affected." We didn't know about the grapes issue until my dog was about 10 or 11. And they were her favourite food!

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Some dogs are seemingly immune but a majority will quickly go into kidney failure

Today on FML I learned that dogs shouldn't eat grapes.

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Grapes, raisins, raw carrots, raw peanuts, raw hide bones, chocolate... Apples are okay though. Dogs love apples pieces.

What????? Dogs can eat raw carrots just fine

Dark chocolate is actually the worst. Depending on the size of the dog you can give them small pieces of milk chocolate.

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you're an idiot. all chocolate is bad for dogs. some worse than others, but nonetheless they are all bad.

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No, dumbass. Chocolate is toxic to dogs. /All/ chocolate.

I give a little slice of a carrot to my budgies almost every day, they mostly tear it to pieces but I think they eat some. I had no idea that carrots are bad for dogs, if that is true.

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carrots are great for teething puppies. a lot safer than rawhide

He’s just trying to sell more dogs. Savage sales technique!

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I wonder what pet store you work at. Cause if it's petco or petsmart.. then I can see why that would happen. Employees are not trained that well at those retailers.

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My dog eats grapes all the time and she's fine...

Your dog will go into kidney failure eventually.

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If she doesn't die of old age eventually... I mean she IS 12 years old...

Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure.

you're about to be out of a job when your company goes bankrupt from this dog killing lawsuit

Inform someone that is his supervisor, and I also suggest making pamphlets with a list of foods that dogs shouldn't eat, and put them at the cash tills. It should help with damage control until upper management does something, or if they don't ever do anything. If the store has a printer in he staff room, print them from there since they are *technically* work related. Otherwise, you'd have to shell out at a office or delivery store that provide printing services- or shell out to print them out at the library. Alternatively, make it a digital pamphlet, upload it to a free hosting site, and just print out papers that say something like "Wondering if your dog can have certain human foods as a treat? Check here!" and include the link on the paper. Then tape those to all of the check outs. You could even make a document that covers pretty much every pet. Of course, if you wanted to, you could include your name at the beginning or end so you get credit... but that also risks getting any blame.