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Today, my daughter-in-law taught my 4-year-old grandson to burst into tears and yell, "Am I not good enough for you?" whenever I ask her if she's going to have any more children. FML
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Why would you ask your 4 year old daughter if she's going to have anymore children? Well, that's how I read it.

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peer pressure!!! u could be telling her to do drugs i the future!!!

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10, you are kidding, right?!! >.>

cookie_3008 4

10, you are kidding, right?!! >.>

MrRocket are you referring to kids or Coca-Cola? Kidding, but this reminds me of this weird gandmother that was part of the westboro baptist church and thought God made the internet for her church...

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That's funny your daughter in law is pretty smart

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Maybe the kid isn't good enough...

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But even if she is wrong pressuring, her daughter-in-law is pretty messed up using her 4 y.o. son to communicate her problem, especially by teaching him hysterical behavior, don't you think?

I personally think its badass a grandma is using FML. I wish my grandma was Internet savvy.

Wwoooah he can cry on cue? I need to learn that trick, might come in handy.

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It only works sometimes... I can't cry on cue, and never bothered to learn because whenever I did cry in front of my mom, I would get yelled at even more for "making her feel guilty". Go figure.

Yep too much asking = grandchild in tantrums... That's clever

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84- Yes, in a way but there's a good chance that OP's daughter-in-law didn't actually teach her son to say that. The scenario that popped into my head was that the little boy over heard his mother saying something along the lines of "why does she keep asking, isn't my son good enough?" Besides the fact that op said 'everytime I ask' tells me that she most likely asks it too much and needs to stop it.

That's so true! It's sad because even though you are right everyone has down rated you. The thing is we don't know if they are pressuring, if they're asking based on what their son has said - we don't know. Unless it's clear that someone's done the wrong thing, e.g. "Today, I crossed the road without looking and got hit by a car. FML.", we can't really assume that they deserve it.

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You got the notification too? :)

1-Jailbreak ur iPhone. 2-Open cydia. 3-Install adblocktoggle. 4-Open FML like a boss! problem Ad?

50, you keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means.

123 - They used that word right. The grandma is implying that the kid is not good enough

143-Not sure if being sarcastic, or just that stupid.

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166 - not sure if insulting or just being nice

It's probably some sort of compulsion, where the grandmother has to ask! Daughter in law had the right plan!!!

"Doctor, it hurts when I do this" "Then don't do that!"

Agreed, leave her alone. It's her kids, you had your turn.

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Her daughter in law taught her grandson to burst out crying "aren't I good enough" every time OP bugs the daughter in law about having more children.

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I'm pretty sure 5 was just pointing out the grammatical ambiguity of the FML, not saying they really thought OP was asking the 4 year old to have children -_-

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A) it says GRANDSON B) it says "my daughter in law taught my 4 year old grandson" C) this ones for me, it says you're a dumbass.

I'm pretty sure the "her" implies that it wasn't the grandson...

I just got outsmarted by a blonde from Texas. FML.

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It's not that she's smart... (although I don't know) it's just that you're retarded.


CLEARING IT UP grandma asks why her daughter in law doesn't have more kids the (son of the daughter in law) then asks if he's not good enough, because his mother taught him to say that

And if you read the end right you will notice she says " when I ask her". So is that op asking the grandmother then. If not then it should read "when she asks me". Just saying. Fo those idiots that don't know how to read.

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I actually read it like #5 did the first time. It took me a couple seconds to figure it out, though. Don't feel bad, 5! :)

Holy **** so many retards. What did you people do, read the end of the FML and not the rest? If you had read it all, you would have seen that the grandson cries whenever OP asks the daughter in law for more grandchildren. When it says "whenever I ask HER", it's whenever she asks the daughter in law. NOT THE FOUR YEAR OLD GRANDSON. Get your asses back to school.

Thanks ohmandapants we've cleared this up about 5 times about what is actually means.

And yet even after is was "cleared up" about 5 times, people still didn't understand. So good for you for getting it after 5 times, some people didn't.

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117, aside from having an only partially comprehensible comment, you seem to have not realized that OP *is* the grandmother and the "her" being referred to is OP's daughter-in-law so it should indeed be "her" and not "me." Perhaps you should join the group of people you so rudely call idiots.

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That's brilliant!! I just went ahead and got fixed, but that would have been great too.

I think that's the polite way of saying STOP asking!

Hey, don't get out of hand, the mother just is asking if her daughter is going to have any more children. The mother didn't tell her daughter to have more children and give the mum more grandchildren. So stop saying "Oh, stop asking." "Stop being pushy."! And never did the mum say that the little boy wasn't good enough, and the boy should have nothing to do with it. The mum asked a simple question, get over it. And yeah, the mum asked more than once, but, she's just wondering if the girl changed her mind about it.

Oh, i'm sorry, i meant the daughter in law

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.... you have clearly never been a daughter-in-law with a pushy woman haranguing you to give her more grandchildren. if you have asked more than once and the first is only 4, you are asking too damned much.

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Why would you ask that? I know you want more grandchildren but it's rude to pressure someone to have a baby, It's not up to you to decide. If they have another, that's great. Unless/until then you should really let it alone because clearly she isn't appreciating you pushing her.

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^THIS. It's a prefect statement. I couldn't have said it better myself.

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227, I bet if someone asked you every day if you were going to have another baby, you would feel irritated and pressured. You don't have to physically tell someone what to do to make them feel pressured.

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haha that's funny fruit dealer. *whispers* hey can i get some grapes? actually no those ****** me up last time. give me a watermelon instead, ya? that will last me the whole week!

40- please say u were bing Sargent sarcasm there!

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77- I was going to "massage" you but decided to comment instead.