By wtf - 30/05/2012 21:34 - United Kingdom - Staines

Today, I met up with my dad after having worked abroad for the past six months. Apparently, during that time he's had a mid-life crisis or been snorting a few too many turds, because he's now some sort of hippie calling himself "Memnoch of Pleiades". FML
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stevenJB 25

The hell does that mean? O.o

Memnoch of Pleiades probably sounds much better when you're tripping on Acid


stevenJB 25

The hell does that mean? O.o

lamdat5r 10

It means his rectum has maximised its semen storage capacity

RealReasons 0

Maybe it's the title he got after accomplishing a hippie dream, now being addressed that by his hippie brotherin.

I believe Pleiadians (sp?) are an alien race that look like really tall Nordic people who are allegedly helping Earth with our ascension into a higher level of consciousness for the upcoming 2012 alignment of the solar system or something. It is believed that occasionally they choose to be born into human families to help others. When that happens, they are called 'Starseeds' and they have different missions on Earth, but mostly, helping us Earth people in being happier and living at a higher level of consciousness. I think OP's dad thinks he is a Starseed from Pleiades. That is my contribution for the day :D if I'm totally off the mark, let me know.

Thanks #23 but what is a Memnoch?

25-It is probably his alien name. Thats my guess. Btw, are you mocking Noor? Because if you are, that's not cool.

hawkey126 0

How does one even pronounce that?

kittenvks 11

Memnoch, the devil from Anne rices memnoch the devil, as I know it anyway. In the book memnoch is just another name for Satan- op I'd be concerned

35) so he's the devil of an alien race?

Nobody knows what it means, but it's provocative. Gets people going.

chowE_fml 4

39- perfection.

Whatever the hell it means, it is going to be my new WoW name.

_ebbonyy 11

It made me think of the Inbetweeners movie when Jay gives the douschey guy the money that was up his ass to snort his drugs with and he ends up snorting Jay's shit, hahaha. am I the only one? yes? okay.

Sounds like a cool dad!

Yeah he does sound cool and on the bright side he'll probably smoke you up :)

Expect a brother or sister soon. Lol

At least he didn't spend his savings on a luxury car.

KnightAngela1109 10

No no no he spent it all on weed and grass shots!:)

5 - I think the OP would've preferred he had bought the car.

AntonioMontana 0

At least he didn't destroy his face like the retard in your picture..

Thanks for the advice 'Scarface' but face paint washes off. Being the type of person who tries to make fun of people over the Internet doesn't.

VaultDweller106 7

Actually it sounds like he's sniffing old poo fumes. It's called Jenkin. It's utterly disgusting and it's basically a last resort for getting high.

Memnoch of Pleiades probably sounds much better when you're tripping on Acid

Or "snorting too many turds".... What does that even mean?

If he's happy, that's all that matters!

tjv3 10

Damn hippies. Sorry OP best of luck

Snorting a few too many turds? You made my day man.

That line really bothered me, you don't snort turds OP

I don't think I want to know if it's literal or not.

22-If that's the case, my older brother is a lying fuckweasel.

speedsk8r4evr 1

Have fun with that one!