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So go ahead and do it already. He said it's okay.

*Dad watching lfl* "That's my girl, I raised her good!"


So go ahead and do it already. He said it's okay.

Wow your dad sounds like a creep. But at least you won't have to worry about him disapproving your choices. My dad would kill me if I joined.

Here comes a slew of incest jokes, ho0o0oray. That's pretty fuckin' creepy, OP. I'd put a lock on my door if I were you.

it's better than the mens lingerie football league.....

I'll join with you OP :)

Do it for your state, country, dad and all the guys that thumbed up your fml.

I dont see how this is an FML I guess OP doesnt understand that what her dad and his friends said was the biggest comliment a dude could give you. Well that and "nice tits" but hearing that from your dad would be weird

Mine would disown me if I joined the lingerie football awful football skills would be a disgrace to the family name. On a side note. I'm sitting here watching tv with my parents. I look up at the tv after reading this and you'll never guess what was on? Lingerie football of course.

Another example of alcohol bringing out the best in someone.

You've got my approval too!

He clearly wants to hit on all the lfl friends you'll meet.

Your old man is a certified creeper

toy must have a smoking hot body to do so. it's kinda messes up for him and his friends thing so though. I'm tol drunk to post god damn it. I'm sorry y'all!

I'd join in supporting you. But people tell me I'm a certified creeper too... ): it's lonely in the creeper zone.

If you ignore the fact it's her dad and his friends and remember they are drunk, it's kind of a complement? But yeah ew gross dads shouldn't say stuff like that....

Thanks drunken friends and thanks dad. People like you are the ones who are keeping that sport alive.

Well maybe OP's dad wants her to be sporty but also wants her to be able to keep her feminism so what better way to do that then join the LFL

Someone has daddy issues

Apparently the girl has absolutely no issues. :3 Or her dad was just stoned along with his buddies.

no no, her dad doesn't have issues. He was being tactical. He was trying to find a way of meeting with and possibly sleeping with his daughters team mates.

I'm guessing op's fit :-D

I fucking love the lingerie football league

Reverse psychology FTW. OP got mindfucked.

hey, girlie. you've got approval! it's better than having a creepy dad who think it's totally cool for you to run around in your underwear so that maybe he can see it... oh, wait.

She should REALLY tell someone about this (not Internet people) cause your dad might be a freak

Sounds like another Fritzl...

i think its a compliment

Anything involving lingerie and your father is automatically not a compliment.

Yeah, at first I thought it was gonna be an insult.

OPs dad is proud that she has grown up to be worthy of Lingerie Football. Definately a compliment. (maybe it is also so he gets to attend all games free to "support his daughter")

That's your DAD?!? Wow....

her dad never did anything but tell her to ask his approval. it was his pervy friends who nodded. people, please learn to read next time;)

67, that's not what the fml says. the fml says that her father gave her approval: "... i would have his approval" not "... i would have TO ASK FOR his approval." so you have no reason to be snarky.

94- "snarky" love it :D

*Dad watching lfl* "That's my girl, I raised her good!"

Raised her well....

Hahaha the typo makes the dad sound like the dumbass he is. I certainly hope it was intentional.

Grammer nazis!!!!

Hey, that's how some people speak and it was in quote thingies

Quotation marks?.......

How is that a compliment

"Come on honey this could really spark your stripping career"

See that's not disturbing. Only when he says "and hey! If you want to practice in front of me I'll give you some tips" should she be worried.

You know the idea of incest never crossed his mind

Freak his freak, play it in A nuns costume

then it wouldn't be Lingerie Football, now would it...