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  Iheartfunny  |  1

I dont see how this is an FML I guess OP doesnt understand that what her dad and his friends said was the biggest comliment a dude could give you. Well that and "nice tits" but hearing that from your dad would be weird

  lalala2589  |  0

Mine would disown me if I joined the lingerie football awful football skills would be a disgrace to the family name.

On a side note. I'm sitting here watching tv with my parents. I look up at the tv after reading this and you'll never guess what was on? Lingerie football of course.

  Keyman1212  |  14

toy must have a smoking hot body to do so. it's kinda messes up for him and his friends thing so though. I'm tol drunk to post god damn it. I'm sorry y'all!

  JoHire  |  0

If you ignore the fact it's her dad and his friends and remember they are drunk, it's kind of a complement? But yeah ew gross dads shouldn't say stuff like that....

  tj4234  |  35

no no, her dad doesn't have issues. He was being tactical. He was trying to find a way of meeting with and possibly sleeping with his daughters team mates.

By  DncrHap  |  9

hey, girlie. you've got approval! it's better than having a creepy dad who think it's totally cool for you to run around in your underwear so that maybe he can see it... oh, wait.

  mastersmurf  |  13

OPs dad is proud that she has grown up to be worthy of Lingerie Football.
Definately a compliment.
(maybe it is also so he gets to attend all games free to "support his daughter")

  DncrHap  |  9

67, that's not what the fml says. the fml says that her father gave her approval: "... i would have his approval" not "... i would have TO ASK FOR his approval."

so you have no reason to be snarky.